Record and replay HTTP interactions (Ruby library)


Record your test suite's HTTP interactions and replay them during future test runs for fast, deterministic, accurate tests.

 * Automatically records and replays your HTTP interactions with minimal
   setup/configuration code.
 * Supports and works with the HTTP stubbing facilities of multiple libraries.
   Currently, the following are supported:
   * WebMock
   * Typhoeus
   * Faraday
   * Excon
 * Supports multiple HTTP libraries:
   * Patron (when using WebMock)
   * Curb (when using WebMock -- only supports Curl::Easy at the moment)
   * HTTPClient (when using WebMock)
   * em-http-request (when using WebMock)
   * Net::HTTP (when using WebMock)
   * Typhoeus (Typhoeus::Hydra, but not Typhoeus::Easy or Typhoeus::Multi)
   * Excon
   * Faraday
   * And of course any library built on Net::HTTP, such as Mechanize, HTTParty
     or Rest Client
 * Request matching is configurable based on HTTP method, URI, host, path, body
   and headers, or you can easily implement a custom request matcher to handle
   any need.
 * The same request can receive different responses in different tests--just
   use different cassettes.
 * The recorded requests and responses are stored on disk in a serialization
   format of your choice (currently YAML and JSON are built in, and you can
   easily implement your own custom serializer) and can easily be inspected and
 * Dynamic responses are supported using ERB.
 * Optionally re-records cassettes on a configurable regular interval to keep
   them fresh and current.
 * Disables all HTTP requests that you don't explicitly allow.
 * Simple Cucumber integration is provided using tags.
 * Includes convenient RSpec macros and integration with RSpec 2 metadata.
 * Known to work well with many popular Ruby libraries including RSpec 1 & 2,
   Cucumber, Test::Unit, Capybara, Mechanize, Rest Client and HTTParty.
 * Includes Rack and Faraday middleware.

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