model checker for the Murphi language


Rumur is a model checker for use in the formal verification of finite state machines specified in the Murphi modelling language. It is based on a previous tool, CMurphi, and attempts to provide an approximate drop-in replacement for CMurphi.

Rumur works by reading an input file describing a collection of state variables and transition rules, from which it generates a C program to verify safety and security properties of this state machine. The generated verifier works by exhaustively exploring the state space, checking for violation of invariants or deadlocks.

In comparison to CMurphi, Rumur generates a verifier that runs significantly faster and uses less memory on large input problems. Rumur comes with an optional wrapper script, rumur-run, that streamlines the process of generating a verifier, compiling it, and then running it. This wrapper requires Python.

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