Standard installation of sch-rnd


sch-rnd is a highly modular schematic capture software with a rich set of plugins for communicating with various external design tools and other EDA/CAD packages.

Feature highlights:
  - explicit abstract model
  - back annotation support
  - multiple sheets

File formats and compatibility:
  - text based, tree structured native file format (lihata)
  - import netlist:
    * altium schematics
    * geda cschem schematics (v2)
    * lihata cschem schematics (any version)
    * cschem non-graphical schematic sheets in fawk format
    * cschem non-graphical schematic sheets in tEDAx format
    * orcad schematics
    * TinyCAD schematics
  - export netlist:
    * tEDAx netlist
    * lihata cschem schematics (any version)
  - import misc:
    * geda cschem symbol (v1)
    * lihata cschem symbol (any version)
  - export misc:
    * abstract model text
    * Bill of Materials
    * printer (using ps)
    * png
    * ps
    * eps
    * spice
    * svg
    * tdx
    * lihata cschem symbol (any version)

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