Terminal user interface for docker engine


sen is a terminal user interface for docker engine:

 * it can interactively manage your containers and images:
   * manage? start, stop, restart, kill, delete,...
 * you are able to inspect containers and images
 * sen can fetch logs of containers and even stream logs real-time
 * all buffers support searching and filtering
 * sen receives real-time updates from docker when anything changes
   * e.g. if you create a container in another terminal, sen will pick
     it up
 * sen notifies you whenever something happens (and reports slow queries)
 * supports a lot of vim-like keybindings (j, k, gg, /, ...)
 * there is a special buffer which display detailed info about images
 * you can get interactive tree view of all images (equivalent of
   docker images --tree)

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