UI to play many shogi variants, with builtin computer player


Shogi Variants is a user interface for many variants of Shogi (japanese chess).

All games can be played by 2 players, and most (except Tenjiku) against the builtin computer player.

Supported variants:
 * Micro-Shogi
 * Mini-Shogi
 * Judkin's Shog
 * Whale Shogi
 * Tori (Bird) Shogi
 * Yari Shogi
 * Heian (Early) Shogi
 * Modern Shogi
 * Sho (Small) Shogi
 * Wa Shogi (2 variants)
 * Chu (Middle) Shogi
 * Heian Dai (Early Large) Shogi
 * Dai (Large) Shogi
 * Tenjiku (Exotic) Shogi
 * Dai-Dai (Huge) Shogi
 * Maka-Dai-Dai (Ultra Huge) Shogi
 * Tai (Grand) Shogi

This is the C port of Steve Evans' Shogi Variants for Windows.

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