ncurses tool to test, train, and increase typing speed


This is a tool to improve your typing speed on arbitrary text input:

 * designed for intermediate to advanced level typists
 * assumes that you have already learned how to touch type
 * no lessons, no single words, no synthetic stuff
 * tab expansion, auto indentation and syntax support to train on code
 * reference speed robot (defaults to 100 WPM)
 * supports CPS, CPM, WPM, PPM, and CPH/KPH metrics
 * shows detailed statistics about speed and typos
 * helps to find and eliminate frequent typos

Speedpad uses fortune(6) to generate quotes if no input is provided. It dumps statistics to standard output in machine-readable format. This can be used to visualize your progress using tools like gnuplot(1).

If you want to learn touch typing, have a look at gtypist(1) instead. If you want to play typing games, have a look at tuxtype(1) and typespeed(1).

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