simple tools for data analysis (stda)


This package contains some primary tools for evaluating sums, averages, integrals, derivatives, histograms/distributions of 1-d numerical data, and eventually for plotting the results. The stand-alone programs (supporting the standard UNIX input and output pipelines) are intended for data processing from the command line. They are especially useful for straightforward analysis of number series where a complex analytical approach is not necessary.

Following programs are included:
 * maphimbu - histogram builder for 1-d numerical and text data;
 * mintegrate - evaluate average/sum/integral/derivative of 1-d numerical data;
 * mmval - find minimum and maximum value in a dataset;
 * muplot - plot a multi-curve figure from multiple dataset using Gnuplot;
 * nnum - produce a series of integers or floats;
 * prefield - prepare input file for 'muplot' to plot 2-d fields by arrows.

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