Resample and co-add together FITS images


Resample and co-add together FITS images using any arbitrary astrometric projection defined in the WCS standard. The main features of SWarp are:

 * FITS format (including multi-extensions) in input and output,
 * Full handling of weight-maps in input and output,
 * Ability to work with very large images (up to 500 Mpixels on
   32-bit machines and 10^6 Tpixels with 64-bits), thanks to customized
   virtual-memory-mapping and buffering,
 * Works with arrays in up to 9 dimensions (including or not two spherical
 * Selectable high-order interpolation method (up to 8-tap filters) in any
 * Compatible with WCS and TNX (IRAF) astrometric descriptions,
 * Support for equatorial, galactic and equatorial coordinate systems,
 * Astrometric and photometric parameters are read from FITS headers or
   external ASCIIfiles,
 * Built-in background subtraction,
 * Built-in noise-level measurement for automatic weighting,
 * Automatic centering and sizing functions of the output field,
 * Multi-threaded code with load-balancing to take advantageof multiple
 * XML VOTable-compliant output of meta-data.

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