Steve Harris's SWH plugins ported to LV2


This package provides Steve Harris's SWH plugins ported to the LV2 specification.

There is a large number of effects, such as filters, harmonic generators, pitch shifters and much more, for LV2 compatible hosts (Qtractor, Ardour, lv2rack). Here is a list of provided effects:

inv, flanger, diode, comb, notch_iir, sc2, debug, amp, zm1, matrix_spatialiser, bandpass_iir, lookahead_limiter_const, fast_lookahead_limiter, am_pitchshift, revdelay, valve_rect, delayorama, harmonic_gen, sifter, decimator, foverdrive, matrix_st_ms, step_muxer, tape_delay, pointer_cast, xfade, dj_flanger, single_para, dc_remove, satan_maximiser, phasers, foldover, matrix_ms_st, freq_tracker, bode_shifter, alias, dyson_compress, dj_eq, comb_splitter, hermes_filter, valve, bode_shifter_cv, multivoice_chorus, plate, latency, fad_delay, split, allpass, const, hilbert, fm_osc, sin_cos, crossover_dist, triple_para, hard_limiter, imp, chebstortion, vynil, svf, rate_shifter, surround_encoder, se4, sc1, lookahead_limiter, divider, impulse, lowpass_iir, karaoke, sc4, shaper, butterworth, gong_beater, gsm, sinus_wavewrapper, declip, gverb, transient, pitch_scale, ls_filter, ringmod, sc3, gate, delay, giant_flange, lcr_delay, mod_delay, smooth_decimate, wave_terrain, highpass_iir, analogue_osc, retro_flange, mbeq, simple_comb, gong, decay, bandpass_a_iir

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