TeX Live: Additional fonts


This package includes the following CTAN packages:

aboensis -- A late medieval OpenType cursive font

academicons -- Font containing high quality icons of online academic profiles

accanthis -- Accanthis fonts, with LaTeX support

adforn -- OrnementsADF font with TeX/LaTeX support

adfsymbols -- SymbolsADF with TeX/LaTeX support

aesupp -- Special support for the ae character

alegreya -- Alegreya fonts with LaTeX support

alfaslabone -- The Alfa Slab One font face with support for LaTeX and pdfLaTeX

algolrevived -- A revival of Frutiger's Algol alphabet

allrunes -- Fonts and LaTeX package for almost all runes

almendra -- Almendra fonts with LaTeX support

almfixed -- Arabic-Latin Modern Fixed extends TeX-Gyre Latin Modern Mono 10 Regular to full Arabic Unicode support

andika -- andika fonts with support for all LaTeX engines

anonymouspro -- Use AnonymousPro fonts with LaTeX

antiqua -- URW Antiqua condensed font, for use with TeX

antt -- Antykwa Torunska: a Type 1 family of a Polish traditional type

archaic -- A collection of archaic fonts

archivo -- The Archivo font face with support for LaTeX and pdfLaTeX

arev -- Fonts and LaTeX support files for Arev Sans

arimo -- Arimo sans serif fonts with LaTeX support

arsenal -- Open Type font by Andrij Shevchenko

arvo -- The Arvo font face with support for LaTeX and pdfLaTeX

asana-math -- A font to typeset maths in Xe(La)TeX and Lua(La)TeX

asapsym -- Using the free ASAP Symbol font with LaTeX and Plain TeX

ascii-font -- Use the ASCII "font" in LaTeX

aspectratio -- Capital A and capital R ligature for Aspect Ratio

astro -- Astronomical (planetary) symbols

atkinson -- Support for the Atkinson Hyperlegible family of fonts

augie -- Calligraphic font for typesetting handwriting

auncial-new -- Artificial Uncial font and LaTeX support macros

aurical -- Calligraphic fonts for use with LaTeX in T1 encoding

b1encoding -- LaTeX encoding tools for Bookhands fonts

barcodes -- Fonts for making barcodes

baskervald -- Baskervald ADF fonts collection with TeX/LaTeX support

baskervaldx -- Extension and modification of BaskervaldADF with LaTeX support

baskervillef -- Fry's Baskerville look-alike, with math support

bbding -- A symbol (dingbat) font and LaTeX macros for its use

bbm -- "Blackboard-style" cm fonts

bbm-macros -- LaTeX support for "blackboard-style" cm fonts

bbold -- Sans serif blackboard bold

bbold-type1 -- An Adobe Type 1 format version of the bbold font

bboldx -- Extension of the bbold package with a Blackboard Bold alphabet

belleek -- Free replacement for basic MathTime fonts

bera -- Bera fonts

berenisadf -- Berenis ADF fonts and TeX/LaTeX support

beuron -- The script of the Beuronese art school

bguq -- Improved quantifier stroke for Begriffsschrift packages

bitter -- The Bitter family of fonts with LaTeX support

blacklettert1 -- T1-encoded versions of Haralambous old German fonts

boisik -- A font inspired by Baskerville design

bookhands -- A collection of book-hand fonts

boondox -- Mathematical alphabets derived from the STIX fonts

braille -- Support for braille

brushscr -- A handwriting script font

cabin -- A humanist Sans Serif font, with LaTeX support

caladea -- Support for the Caladea family of fonts

calligra -- Calligraphic font

calligra-type1 -- Type 1 version of Calligra

cantarell -- LaTeX support for the Cantarell font family

carlito -- Support for Carlito sans-serif fonts

carolmin-ps -- Adobe Type 1 format of Carolingian Minuscule fonts

cascadia-code -- The Cascadia Code font with support for LaTeX and pdfLaTeX

ccicons -- LaTeX support for Creative Commons icons

cfr-initials -- LaTeX packages for use of initials

cfr-lm -- Enhanced support for the Latin Modern fonts

charissil -- CharisSIL fonts with support for all LaTeX engines

cherokee -- A font for the Cherokee script

chivo -- Using the free Chivo fonts with LaTeX

cinzel -- LaTeX support for Cinzel and Cinzel Decorative fonts

clara -- A serif font family

clearsans -- Clear Sans fonts with LaTeX support

cm-lgc -- Type 1 CM-based fonts for Latin, Greek and Cyrillic

cm-mf-extra-bold -- Extra Metafont files for CM

cm-unicode -- Computer Modern Unicode font family

cmathbb -- Computer modern mathematical blackboard bold font

cmbright -- Computer Modern Bright fonts

cmexb -- cmexb10 metrics and Type 1

cmll -- Symbols for linear logic

cmpica -- A Computer Modern Pica variant

cmsrb -- Computer Modern for Serbian and Macedonian

cmtiup -- Upright punctuation with CM italic

cmupint -- Upright integral symbols for Computer Modern

cochineal -- Cochineal fonts with LaTeX support

coelacanth -- Coelacanth fonts with LaTeX support

comfortaa -- Sans serif font, with LaTeX support

comicneue -- Use Comic Neue with TeX(-alike) systems

concmath-fonts -- Concrete mathematics fonts

concmath-otf -- Concrete based OpenType Math font

context-companion-fonts -- companion fonts with fixes for ConTeXt

cookingsymbols -- Symbols for recipes

cooperhewitt -- LaTeX, pdfLaTeX, XeLaTeX and LuaLaTeX support for the Cooper Hewitt family of sans serif fonts

cormorantgaramond -- Cormorant Garamond family of fonts

countriesofeurope -- A font with the images of the countries of Europe

courier-scaled -- Provides a scaled Courier font

courierten -- Courier 10 Pitch BT with LaTeX support

crimson -- Crimson fonts with LaTeX support

crimsonpro -- CrimsonPro fonts with LaTeX support

cryst -- Font for graphical symbols used in crystallography

cuprum -- Cuprum font family support for LaTeX

cyklop -- The Cyclop typeface

cyrillic-modern -- Slightly modified computer modern fonts with Cyrillics

dancers -- Font for Conan Doyle's "The Dancing Men"

dantelogo -- A font for DANTE's logo

dejavu -- LaTeX support for the DejaVu fonts

dejavu-otf -- Support for the ttf and otf DejaVu fonts

dice -- A font for die faces

dictsym -- DictSym font and macro package

dingbat -- Two dingbat symbol fonts

domitian -- Drop-in replacement for Palatino

doublestroke -- Typeset mathematical double stroke symbols

doulossil -- A font for typesetting the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA)

dozenal -- Typeset documents using base twelve numbering (also called "dozenal")

drm -- A complete family of fonts written in Metafont

droid -- LaTeX support for the Droid font families

dsserif -- A double-struck serifed font for mathematical use

duerer -- Computer Duerer fonts

duerer-latex -- LaTeX support for the Duerer fonts

dutchcal -- A reworking of ESSTIX13, adding a bold version

ean -- Macros for making EAN barcodes

ebgaramond -- LaTeX support for EBGaramond fonts

ebgaramond-maths -- LaTeX support for EBGaramond fonts in mathematics

ecc -- Sources for the European Concrete fonts

eco -- Oldstyle numerals using EC fonts

eczar -- A font family supporting Devanagari and Latin script

eiad -- Traditional style Irish fonts

eiad-ltx -- LaTeX support for the eiad font

ektype-tanka -- Devanagari fonts by EkType

electrum -- Electrum ADF fonts collection

elvish -- Fonts for typesetting Tolkien Elvish scripts

epigrafica -- A Greek and Latin font

epsdice -- A scalable dice "font"

erewhon -- Font package derived from Heuristica and Utopia

erewhon-math -- Utopia based OpenType Math font

esrelation -- Provides a symbol set for describing relations between ordered pairs

esstix -- PostScript versions of the ESSTIX, with macro support

esvect -- Vector arrows

etbb -- An expansion of Edward Tufte's ET-Bembo family

euler-math -- OpenType version of Hermann Zapf's Euler maths font

eulervm -- Euler virtual math fonts

euxm -- extended Euler by DEK

fbb -- A free Bembo-like font

fdsymbol -- A maths symbol font

fetamont -- Extended version of Knuth's logo typeface

feyn -- A font for in-text Feynman diagrams

fge -- A font for Frege's Grundgesetze der Arithmetik

fira -- Fira fonts with LaTeX support

firamath -- Fira sans serif font with Unicode math support

firamath-otf -- Use OpenType math font Fira Math

foekfont -- The title font of the Mads Fok magazine

fonetika -- Support for the Danish "Dania" phonetic system

fontawesome -- Font containing web-related icons

fontawesome5 -- Font Awesome 5 with LaTeX support

fontmfizz -- Font Mfizz icons for use in LaTeX

fonts-churchslavonic -- Fonts for typesetting in Church Slavonic language

forum -- Forum fonts with LaTeX support

fourier -- Using Utopia fonts in LaTeX documents

fouriernc -- Use New Century Schoolbook text with Fourier maths fonts

frcursive -- French cursive hand fonts

frederika2016 -- An OpenType Greek calligraphy font

frimurer -- Access to the 'frimurer' cipher for use with LaTeX

garamond-libre -- The Garamond Libre font face

garamond-math -- An OTF math font matching EB Garamond

gelasio -- LaTeX support for the Gelasio family of fonts

genealogy -- A compilation genealogy font

gentium-tug -- Gentium fonts (in two formats) and support files

gfsartemisia -- A modern Greek font design

gfsbodoni -- A Greek and Latin font based on Bodoni

gfscomplutum -- A Greek font with a long history

gfsdidot -- A Greek font based on Didot's work

gfsdidotclassic -- The classic version of GFSDidot

gfsneohellenic -- A font in the Neo-Hellenic style

gfsneohellenicmath -- A math font in the Neo-Hellenic style

gfssolomos -- A Greek-alphabet font

gillcm -- Alternative unslanted italic Computer Modern fonts

gillius -- Gillius fonts with LaTeX support

gnu-freefont -- A Unicode font, with rather wide coverage

gofonts -- GoSans and GoMono fonts with LaTeX support

gothic -- A collection of old German-style fonts

greenpoint -- The Green Point logo

grotesq -- URW Grotesq font pack for LaTeX

gudea -- The Gudea font face with support for LaTeX and pdfLaTeX

hacm -- Font support for the Arka language

hamnosys -- A font for sign languages

hands -- Pointing hand font

hep-font -- Latin modern extended by computer modern

hep-math-font -- Extended Greek and sans-serif math

heros-otf -- Using the OpenType fonts TeX Gyre Heros>

heuristica -- Fonts extending Utopia, with LaTeX support files

hfbright -- The hfbright fonts

hfoldsty -- Old style numerals with EC fonts

hindmadurai -- The HindMadurai font face with support for LaTeX and pdfLaTeX

ibarra -- LaTeX support for the Ibarra Real Nova family of fonts

ifsym -- A collection of symbols

imfellenglish -- IM Fell English fonts with LaTeX support

inconsolata -- A monospaced font, with support files for use with TeX

inconsolata-nerd-font -- Inconsolata Nerd Font with support for XeLaTeX or LuaLaTeX

initials -- Adobe Type 1 decorative initial fonts

inriafonts -- Inria fonts with LaTeX support

inter -- The inter font face with support for LaTeX, XeLaTeX, and LuaLaTeX

ipaex-type1 -- IPAex fonts converted to Type-1 format Unicode subfonts

iwona -- A two-element sans-serif font

jablantile -- Metafont version of tiles in the style of Slavik Jablan

jamtimes -- Expanded Times Roman fonts

josefin -- Josefin fonts with LaTeX support

junicode -- A TrueType and OpenType font family for mediaevalists

junicodevf -- A TrueType variable font family for mediaevalists

kixfont -- A font for KIX codes

kpfonts -- A complete set of fonts for text and mathematics

kpfonts-otf -- OTF version of the Kp-fonts

kurier -- A two-element sans-serif typeface

lato -- Lato font family and LaTeX support

lete-sans-math -- Lato-based OpenType Math font for LuaTeX and XeTeX

lexend -- The Lexend fonts for XeLaTeX and LuaLaTeX through fontspec

lfb -- A Greek font with normal and bold variants

libertine -- Use of Linux Libertine and Biolinum fonts with LaTeX

libertinegc -- Libertine add-on to support Greek and Cyrillic

libertinus -- Wrapper to use the correct libertinus package according to the used TeX engine

libertinus-fonts -- The Libertinus font family

libertinus-otf -- Support for Libertinus OpenType

libertinus-type1 -- Support for using Libertinus fonts with LaTeX/pdfLaTeX

libertinust1math -- A Type 1 font and LaTeX support for Libertinus Math

librebaskerville -- The Libre Baskerville family of fonts with LaTeX support

librebodoni -- Libre Bodoni fonts with LaTeX support

librecaslon -- Libre Caslon fonts, with LaTeX support

librefranklin -- LaTeX support for the Libre-Franklin family of fonts

libris -- Libris ADF fonts, with LaTeX support

lineara -- Linear A script fonts

linguisticspro -- LinguisticsPro fonts with LaTeX support

lobster2 -- Lobster Two fonts, with support for all LaTeX engines

logix -- Supplement to the Unicode math symbols

lxfonts -- Set of slide fonts based on CM

ly1 -- Support for LY1 LaTeX encoding

magra -- The Magra font face with support for LaTeX and pdfLaTeX

marcellus -- Marcellus fonts with LaTeX support

mathabx -- Three series of mathematical symbols

mathabx-type1 -- Outline version of the mathabx fonts

mathdesign -- Mathematical fonts to fit with particular text fonts

mdputu -- Upright digits in Adobe Utopia Italic

mdsymbol -- Symbol fonts to match Adobe Myriad Pro

merriweather -- Merriweather and MerriweatherSans fonts, with LaTeX support

metsymb -- The package provides dedicated TeX commands to generate (vectorial) meteorological symbols

miama -- The Miama Nueva handwriting font with LaTeX support

mintspirit -- LaTeX support for MintSpirit font families

missaali -- A late medieval OpenType textura font

mlmodern -- A blacker Type 1 version of Computer Modern, with multilingual support

mnsymbol -- Mathematical symbol font for Adobe MinionPro

montserrat -- Montserrat sans serif, otf and pfb, with LaTeX support files

mpfonts -- Computer Modern Type 3 fonts converted using MetaPost

mweights -- Support for multiple-weight font packages

newcomputermodern -- Computer Modern fonts including matching non-latin alphabets

newpx -- Alternative uses of the PX fonts, with improved metrics

newtx -- Alternative uses of the TX fonts, with improved metrics

newtxsf -- Sans-math fonts for use with newtx

newtxtt -- Enhancement of typewriter fonts from newtx

niceframe-type1 -- Type 1 versions of the fonts recommended in niceframe

nimbus15 -- Support files for Nimbus 2015 Core fonts

nkarta -- A "new" version of the karta cartographic fonts

noto -- Support for Noto fonts

noto-emoji -- Noto Emoji fonts

notomath -- Math support for Noto fonts

nunito -- The Nunito font face with support for LaTeX and pdfLaTeX

obnov -- Obyknovennaya Novaya fonts

ocherokee -- LaTeX Support for the Cherokee language

ocr-b -- Fonts for OCR-B

ocr-b-outline -- OCR-B fonts in Type 1 and OpenType

ogham -- Fonts for typesetting Ogham script

oinuit -- LaTeX Support for the Inuktitut Language

old-arrows -- Computer Modern old-style arrows with smaller arrowheads

oldlatin -- Compute Modern-like font with long s

oldstandard -- OldStandard fonts with LaTeX support

opensans -- The Open Sans font family, and LaTeX support

orkhun -- A font for orkhun script

oswald -- The Oswald family of fonts with support for LaTeX and pdfLaTeX

overlock -- Overlock sans fonts with LaTeX support

pacioli -- Fonts designed by Fra Luca de Pacioli in 1497

pagella-otf -- Using the OpenType fonts TeX Gyre Pagella

paratype -- LaTeX support for free fonts by ParaType

phaistos -- Disk of Phaistos font

phonetic -- Metafont Phonetic fonts, based on Computer Modern

pigpen -- A font for the pigpen (or masonic) cipher

playfair -- Playfair Display fonts with LaTeX support

plex -- Support for IBM Plex fonts

plex-otf -- Support for the OpenType font IBM Plex

plimsoll -- Fonts with the Plimsoll symbol and LaTeX support

poiretone -- PoiretOne family of fonts with LaTeX support

poltawski -- Antykwa Poltawskiego Family of Fonts

prodint -- A font that provides the product integral symbol

punk -- Donald Knuth's punk font

punk-latex -- LaTeX support for punk fonts

punknova -- OpenType version of Knuth's Punk font

pxtxalfa -- Virtual maths alphabets based on pxfonts and txfonts

qualitype -- The QualiType font collection

quattrocento -- Quattrocento and Quattrocento Sans fonts with LaTeX support

raleway -- Use Raleway with TeX(-alike) systems

recycle -- A font providing the "recyclable" logo

rit-fonts -- Malayalam fonts by Rachana Institute of Typography (RIT)

roboto -- Support for the Roboto family of fonts

romande -- Romande ADF fonts and LaTeX support

rosario -- Using the free Rosario fonts with LaTeX

rsfso -- A mathematical calligraphic font based on rsfs

ruscap -- A Metafont for rustic capitals

sansmathaccent -- Correct placement of accents in sans-serif maths

sansmathfonts -- Extended Computer Modern sans serif fonts

sauter -- Wide range of design sizes for CM fonts

sauterfonts -- Use Sauter's fonts in LaTeX

schola-otf -- Using the OpenType fonts TeX Gyre schola

scholax -- Extension of TeXGyreSchola (New Century Schoolbook) with math support

schulschriften -- German "school scripts" from Suetterlin to the present day

semaphor -- Semaphore alphabet font

shobhika -- An OpenType Devanagari font designed for scholars

simpleicons -- Simple Icons for LaTeX

skull -- A font to draw a skull

sourcecodepro -- Use SourceCodePro with TeX(-alike) systems

sourcesanspro -- Use SourceSansPro with TeX(-alike) systems

sourceserifpro -- Use SourceSerifPro with TeX(-alike) systems

spectral -- Spectral fonts with LaTeX support

srbtiks -- Font STIX2 for Serbian and Macedonian

starfont -- The StarFont Sans astrological font

staves -- Typeset Icelandic staves and runic letters

step -- A free Times-like font

stepgreek -- A free Times/Elsevier-style Greek font

stickstoo -- A reworking of STIX2

stix -- OpenType Unicode maths fonts

stix2-otf -- OpenType Unicode text and maths fonts

stix2-type1 -- Type1 versions of the STIX Two OpenType fonts

superiors -- Attach superior figures to a font family

svrsymbols -- A font with symbols for use in physics texts

symbats3 -- Macros to use the Symbats3 dingbats fonts

tapir -- A simple geometrical font

tempora -- Greek and Cyrillic to accompany Times

tengwarscript -- LaTeX support for using Tengwar fonts

termes-otf -- Using the OpenType fonts TeX Gyre Termes

tfrupee -- A font offering the new (Indian) Rupee symbol

theanodidot -- TheanoDidot fonts with LaTeX support

theanomodern -- Theano Modern fonts with LaTeX support

theanooldstyle -- Theano OldStyle fonts with LaTeX support

tinos -- Tinos fonts with LaTeX support

tpslifonts -- A LaTeX package for configuring presentation fonts

trajan -- Fonts from the Trajan column in Rome

twemoji-colr -- Twemoji font in COLR/CPAL layered format

txfontsb -- Extensions to txfonts, using GNU Freefont

txuprcal -- Upright calligraphic font based on TX calligraphic

typicons -- Font containing a set of web-related icons

umtypewriter -- Fonts to typeset with the xgreek package

universa -- Herbert Bayer's 'universal' font

universalis -- Universalis font, with support

uppunctlm -- Always keep upright shape for some punctuation marks and Arabic numerals

urwchancal -- Use URW's clone of Zapf Chancery as a maths alphabet

venturisadf -- Venturis ADF fonts collection

wsuipa -- International Phonetic Alphabet fonts

xcharter -- Extension of Bitstream Charter fonts

xcharter-math -- XCharter-based OpenType Math font for LuaTeX and XeTeX

xits -- A Scientific Times-like font with support for mathematical typesetting

yfonts -- Support for old German fonts

yfonts-otf -- OpenType version of the Old German fonts designed by Yannis Haralambous

yfonts-t1 -- Old German-style fonts, in Adobe type 1 format

yinit-otf -- OTF conversion of Yannis Haralambous' Old German decorative initials

ysabeau -- Ysabeau fonts with LaTeX support for traditional TeX engines

zlmtt -- Use Latin Modern Typewriter fonts

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