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TeX Live: Other European languages


Support for a number of European languages; others (Greek, German, French, ...) have their own collections, depending simply on the size of the support.

This package includes the following CTAN packages:

armtex -- A system for writing Armenian with TeX and LaTeX

babel-albanian -- Support for Albanian within babel

babel-bosnian -- Babel contrib support for Bosnian

babel-breton -- Babel contributed support for Breton

babel-croatian -- Babel contributed support for Croatian

babel-danish -- Babel contributed support for Danish

babel-dutch -- Babel contributed support for Dutch

babel-estonian -- Babel support for Estonian

babel-finnish --

babel-friulan -- Babel/Polyglossia support for Friulan(Furlan)

babel-hungarian -- Babel support for Hungarian (Magyar)

babel-icelandic -- Babel support for Icelandic

babel-irish -- Babel support for Irish

babel-kurmanji -- Babel support for Kurmanji

babel-latin -- Babel support for Latin

babel-latvian -- Babel support for Latvian

babel-macedonian -- Babel module to support Macedonian Cyrillic

babel-norsk -- Babel support for Norwegian

babel-occitan -- Babel support for Occitan

babel-piedmontese -- Babel support for Piedmontese

babel-romanian -- Babel support for Romanian

babel-romansh -- Babel/Polyglossia support for the Romansh language

babel-samin -- Babel support for Samin

babel-scottish -- Babel support for Scottish Gaelic

babel-slovenian -- Babel support for typesetting Slovenian

babel-swedish -- Babel support for typesetting Swedish

babel-turkish -- Babel support for Turkish documents

babel-welsh -- Babel support for Welsh

finbib -- A Finnish version of plain.bst

gloss-occitan -- Polyglossia support for Occitan

hrlatex -- LaTeX support for Croatian documents

hyphen-armenian -- Armenian hyphenation patterns.

hyphen-croatian -- Croatian hyphenation patterns.

hyphen-danish -- Danish hyphenation patterns.

hyphen-dutch -- Dutch hyphenation patterns.

hyphen-estonian -- Estonian hyphenation patterns.

hyphen-finnish -- Finnish hyphenation patterns.

hyphen-friulan -- Friulan hyphenation patterns.

hyphen-hungarian -- Hungarian hyphenation patterns.

hyphen-icelandic -- Icelandic hyphenation patterns.

hyphen-irish -- Irish hyphenation patterns.

hyphen-kurmanji -- Kurmanji hyphenation patterns.

hyphen-latin -- Liturgical Latin hyphenation patterns.

hyphen-latvian -- Latvian hyphenation patterns.

hyphen-lithuanian -- Lithuanian hyphenation patterns.

hyphen-norwegian -- Norwegian Bokmal and Nynorsk hyphenation patterns.

hyphen-occitan -- Occitan hyphenation patterns.

hyphen-piedmontese -- Piedmontese hyphenation patterns.

hyphen-romanian -- Romanian hyphenation patterns.

hyphen-romansh -- Romansh hyphenation patterns.

hyphen-slovenian -- Slovenian hyphenation patterns.

hyphen-swedish -- Swedish hyphenation patterns.

hyphen-turkish -- Turkish hyphenation patterns.

hyphen-uppersorbian -- Upper Sorbian hyphenation patterns.

hyphen-welsh -- Welsh hyphenation patterns.

lithuanian -- Lithuanian language support

lshort-dutch -- Introduction to LaTeX in Dutch

lshort-estonian -- Estonian introduction to LaTeX

lshort-finnish -- Finnish introduction to LaTeX

lshort-slovenian -- Slovenian translation of lshort

lshort-turkish -- Turkish introduction to LaTeX

nevelok -- LaTeX package for automatic definite articles for Hungarian

swebib -- Swedish bibliography styles

turkmen -- Babel support for Turkmen

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