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TeX Live: LuaTeX packages


Packages for LuaTeX, a Unicode-aware extension of pdfTeX, using Lua as an embedded scripting and extension language.

This package includes the following CTAN packages:

checkcites -- Check citation commands in a document

chickenize -- Use lua callbacks for "interesting" textual effects

cloze -- A LuaLaTeX package for creating cloze texts

cstypo -- Czech typography rules enforced through LuaTeX hooks

ctablestack -- Catcode table stable support

enigma -- Encrypt documents with a three rotor Enigma

interpreter -- Translate input files on the fly

lua-check-hyphen -- Mark hyphenations in a document, for checking

lua-visual-debug -- Visual debugging with LuaLaTeX

lua2dox -- Auto-documentation of lua code

luabibentry -- Repeat BibTeX entries in a LuaLaTeX document body

luabidi -- Bidirectional typesetting with LuaLaTeX

luacode -- Helper for executing lua code from within TeX

luaindex -- Create index using LuaLaTeX

luainputenc -- Replacing inputenc for use in LuaTeX

luaintro -- Examples from the book "Einfuhrung in LuaTeX und LuaLaTeX"

lualatex-doc -- A guide to use of LaTeX with LuaTeX

lualatex-math -- Fixes for mathematics-related LuaLaTeX issues

lualibs -- Additional Lua functions for LuaTeX macro programmers

luamplib -- Use LuaTeX's built-in MetaPost interpreter

luaotfload -- OpenType 'loader' for Plain TeX and LaTeX

luasseq -- Drawing spectral sequences in LuaLaTeX

luatex85 -- pdfTeX aliases for LuaTeX

luatexbase -- Basic resource management for LuaTeX code

luatexko -- Typeset Korean with Lua(La)TeX

luatextra -- Additional macros for Plain TeX and LaTeX in LuaTeX

luatodonotes -- Add editing annotations in a LuaLaTeX document

luaxml -- Lua library for reading and serialising XML files

nodetree -- visualize node lists in a tree view

odsfile -- Read OpenDocument Spreadsheet documents as LaTeX tables

placeat -- Absolute content positioning

selnolig -- Selectively disable typographic ligatures

showhyphens -- Show all possible hyphenations in LuaLaTeX

spelling -- Support for spell-checking of LuaTeX documents

ucharcat -- Implementation of the (new in 2015) XeTeX \Ucharcat command in lua, for LuaTeX

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