TeX Live: Mathematics packages


This package includes the following CTAN packages:

12many -- Generalising mathematical index sets

amstex -- American Mathematical Society plain TeX macros

autobreak -- Simple line breaking of long formulae

backnaur -- Typeset Backus Naur Form definitions

begriff -- Typeset Begriffschrift

binomexp -- Calculate Pascal's triangle

boldtensors -- Bold latin and greek characters through simple prefix characters

bosisio -- A collection of packages by Francesco Bosisio

bropd -- Simplified brackets and differentials in LaTeX

calculation -- Typesetting reasoned calculations, also called calculational proofs

ccfonts -- Support for Concrete text and math fonts in LaTeX

commath -- Mathematics typesetting support

concmath -- Concrete Math fonts

concrete -- Concrete Roman fonts

conteq -- Typeset multiline continued equalities

delim -- Simplify typesetting mathematical delimiters

delimseasy -- Delimiter commands that are easy to use and resize

diffcoeff -- Write differential coefficients easily

drawmatrix -- Draw visual representations of matrices in LaTeX

ebproof -- Formal proofs in the style of sequent calculus

econometrics -- defines some commands that simplify mathematic notation in economic and econometric writing

eqnarray -- More generalised equation arrays with numbering

extarrows -- Extra Arrows beyond those provided in amsmath

extpfeil -- Extensible arrows in mathematics

faktor -- Typeset quotient structures with LaTeX

grundgesetze -- Typeset Frege's Grundgesetze der Arithmetik

interval -- Format mathematical intervals, ensuring proper spacing

ionumbers -- Restyle numbers in maths mode

isomath -- Mathematics style for science and technology

logicproof -- Box proofs for propositional and predicate logic

lpform -- Typesetting linear programming formulations and sets of equations

lplfitch -- Fitch-style natural deduction proofs

mathcomp -- Text symbols in maths mode

mathpartir -- Typesetting sequences of math formulas, e.g. type inference rules

mattens -- Matrices/tensor typesetting

mgltex -- High-quality graphics from MGL scripts embedded in LaTeX documents

mhequ -- Multicolumn equations, tags, labels, sub-numbering

multiobjective -- Symbols for multiobjective optimisation etc

natded -- Typeset natural deduction proofs

nath -- Natural mathematics notation

ot-tableau -- Optimality Theory tableaux in LaTeX

oubraces -- Braces over and under a formula

perfectcut -- Brackets whose size adjusts to the nesting

prftree -- Macros for building proof trees

prooftrees -- Forest-based proof trees (symbolic logic)

proba -- Shortcuts commands to symbols used in probability texts

rec-thy -- Commands to typeset recursion theory papers

ribbonproofs -- Drawing ribbon proofs

rmathbr -- Repeating of math operator at the broken line and the new line in inline equations

sesamanuel -- Class and package for sesamath books or paper

shuffle -- A symbol for the shuffle product

skmath -- Extensions to the maths command repertoir

spalign -- Typeset matrices and arrays with spaces and semicolons as delimiters.

statex -- Statistics style

statex2 -- Statistics style

stmaryrd -- St Mary Road symbols for theoretical computer science

subsupscripts -- A range of sub- and superscript commands

susy -- Macros for SuperSymmetry-related work

syllogism -- Typeset syllogisms in LaTeX

sympytexpackage --

synproof -- Easy drawing of syntactic proofs

tablor -- Create tables of signs and of variations

tensor -- Typeset tensors

tex-ewd -- Macros to typeset calculational proofs and programs in Dijkstra's style

thmbox -- Decorate theorem statements

turnstile -- Typeset the (logic) turnstile notation

venn -- Creating Venn diagrams with MetaPost

yhmath -- Extended maths fonts for LaTeX

ytableau -- Many-featured Young tableaux and Young diagrams

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