TeX Live: Graphics, pictures, diagrams


Including TikZ, pict, etc., but MetaPost and PStricks are separate.

This package includes the following CTAN packages:

adigraph -- Augmenting directed graphs

aobs-tikz -- TikZ styles for creating overlaid pictures in beamer

askmaps -- Typeset American style Karnaugh maps

asyfig -- Commands for using Asymptote figures

asypictureb -- User-friendly integration of Asymptote into LaTeX

autoarea -- Automatic computation of bounding boxes with PiCTeX

bardiag -- LaTeX package for drawing bar diagrams

beamerswitch -- Convenient mode selection in Beamer documents

binarytree -- Drawing binary trees using TikZ

blochsphere -- Draw pseudo-3D diagrams of Bloch spheres

bloques -- Generate control diagrams

blox -- Draw block diagrams, using TikZ

bodegraph -- Draw Bode, Nyquist and Black plots with gnuplot and TikZ

bondgraph -- Create bond graph figures in LaTeX documents

bondgraphs -- Draws bond graphs in LaTeX, using PGF/TikZ

braids -- Draw braid diagrams with PGF/TikZ

bxeepic -- Eepic facilities using pict2e

byo-twemojis -- "Build Your Own Twemojis" with TikZ

byrne -- This package provides a set of tools to typeset geometric proofs in the style of Oliver Byrne's 1847 ed. of Euclid's "Elements"

cachepic -- Convert document fragments into graphics

callouts -- Put simple annotations and notes inside a picture

celtic -- A TikZ library for drawing celtic knots

chemfig -- Draw molecules with easy syntax

circuit-macros -- M4 macros for electric circuit diagrams

circuitikz -- Draw electrical networks with TikZ

circularglyphs -- A circular glyphs alphabet

coffeestains -- Add coffee stains to documents

coloredbelts -- Insert colored belts (vectorial format) in documents (to presetn skills, for example)

combinedgraphics -- Include graphic (EPS or PDF)/LaTeX combinations

curve -- A class for making curriculum vitae

curve2e -- Extensions for package pict2e

curves -- Curves for LaTeX picture environment

dcpic -- Commutative diagrams in a LaTeX and TeX documents

diagmac2 -- Diagram macros, using pict2e

ditaa -- Use ditaa diagrams within LaTeX documents

doc-pictex -- A summary list of PicTeX documentation

dot2texi -- Create graphs within LaTeX using the dot2tex tool

dottex -- Use dot code in LaTeX

dpcircling -- Decorated text boxes using TikZ

dratex -- General drawing macros

drs -- Typeset Discourse Representation Structures (DRS)

duotenzor -- Drawing package for circuit and duotensor diagrams

dynkin-diagrams -- Draw Dynkin, Coxeter, and Satake diagrams using TikZ

ecgdraw -- Draws electrocardiograms (ECG)

eepic -- Extensions to epic and the LaTeX drawing tools

egpeirce -- Draw existential graphs invented by Charles S. Peirce

ellipse -- Draw ellipses and elliptical arcs using the standard LaTeX2e picture environment

endofproofwd -- An "end of proof" sign

epspdf -- Converter for PostScript, EPS and PDF

epspdfconversion -- On-the-fly conversion of EPS to PDF

esk -- Package to encapsulate Sketch files in LaTeX sources

euflag -- A command to reproduce the flag of the European Union

fadingimage -- Add full width fading pictures at the top or bottom of a page

fast-diagram -- Easy generation of FAST diagrams

fenetrecas -- Commands for CAS-like windows (Xcas or Geogebra) in TikZ

fig4latex -- Management of figures for large LaTeX documents

figchild -- Pictures for creating children's activities

figput -- Create interactive figures in LaTeX

fitbox -- Fit graphics on a page

flowchart -- Shapes for drawing flowcharts, using TikZ

forest -- Drawing (linguistic) trees

genealogytree -- Pedigree and genealogical tree diagrams

getmap -- Download OpenStreetMap maps for use in documents

gincltex -- Include TeX files as graphics (.tex support for \includegraphics)

gnuplottex -- Embed Gnuplot commands in LaTeX documents

gradientframe -- Simple gradient frames around objects

grafcet -- Draw Grafcet/SFC with TikZ

graph35 -- Draw keys and screen items of several Casio calculators

graphicxpsd -- Adobe Photoshop Data format (PSD) support for graphicx package

graphviz -- Write graphviz (dot+neato) inline in LaTeX documents

gtrlib-largetrees -- Library for genealogytree aiming at large trees

harveyballs -- Create Harvey Balls using TikZ

here -- Emulation of obsolete package for "here" floats

hf-tikz -- A simple way to highlight formulas and formula parts

hobby -- An implementation of Hobby's algorithm for PGF/TikZ

hvfloat -- Controlling captions, fullpage and doublepage floats

istgame -- Draw Game Trees with TikZ

kblocks -- Easily typeset Control Block Diagrams and Signal Flow Graphs

kinematikz -- Design kinematic chains and mechanisms

knitting -- Produce knitting charts, in Plain TeX or LaTeX

knittingpattern -- Create knitting patterns

ladder -- Draw simple ladder diagrams using TikZ

lapdf -- PDF drawing directly in TeX documents

latex-make -- Easy compiling of complex (and simple) LaTeX documents

liftarm -- Draw liftarms

lpic -- Put LaTeX material over included graphics

lroundrect -- LaTeX macros for utilizing the roundrect MetaPost routines

luamesh -- Computes and draws 2D Delaunay triangulation

luasseq -- Drawing spectral sequences in LuaLaTeX

maker -- Include Arduino or Processing code in LaTeX documents

makeshape -- Declare new PGF shapes

mathspic -- A Perl filter program for use with PiCTeX

memoize -- Externalization of graphics and memoization of compilation results in general

mercatormap -- Spherical Mercator coordinate systems and Web Mercator tile integration

milsymb -- LaTeX package for TikZ based drawing of military symbols as per NATO APP-6(C)

miniplot -- A package for easy figure arrangement

mkpic -- Perl interface to mfpic

modiagram -- Drawing molecular orbital diagrams

neuralnetwork -- Graph-drawing for neural networks

nl-interval -- Represent intervals on the number line

nndraw -- Draw neural networks

numericplots -- Plot numeric data (including Matlab export) using PSTricks

outilsgeomtikz -- Some geometric tools, with TikZ

papiergurvan -- Commands to work with Gurvan Paper

pb-diagram -- A commutative diagram package using LAMSTeX or Xy-pic fonts

petri-nets -- A set TeX/LaTeX packages for drawing Petri nets

pgf -- Create PostScript and PDF graphics in TeX

pgf-blur -- PGF/TikZ package for "blurred" shadows

pgf-interference -- Drawing interference patterns with PGF/TikZ

pgf-periodictable -- Create custom periodic tables of elements

pgf-pie -- Draw pie charts, using PGF

pgf-soroban -- Create images of the soroban using TikZ/PGF

pgf-spectra -- Draw continuous or discrete spectra using PGF/TikZ

pgf-umlcd -- Some LaTeX macros for UML Class Diagrams

pgf-umlsd -- Draw UML Sequence Diagrams

pgfgantt -- Draw Gantt charts with TikZ

pgfkeysearch -- This package offers a way to find keys in a given path 'recursively', unlike pgfkeysvalueof

pgfkeyx -- Extended and more robust version of pgfkeys

pgfmolbio -- Draw graphs typically found in molecular biology texts

pgfmorepages -- Assemble multiple logical pages onto a physical page

pgfopts -- LaTeX package options with pgfkeys

pgfornament -- Drawing of Vectorian ornaments with PGF/TikZ

pgfplots -- Create normal/logarithmic plots in two and three dimensions

picinpar -- Insert pictures into paragraphs

pict2e -- New implementation of picture commands

pictex -- Picture drawing macros for TeX and LaTeX

pictex2 -- Adds relative coordinates and improves the \plot command

pictochrono -- Insert "chronometer pictograms" with a duration

pinlabel -- A TeX labelling package

pixelart -- Draw pixel-art pictures

pixelarttikz -- Work with PixelArts, with TikZ

pmgraph -- "Poor man's" graphics

polyhedra -- A TikZ package for drawing polyhedra

postage -- Stamp letters with >>Deutsche Post<<'s service >>Internetmarke<<

postit -- A LaTeX package for displaying Post-it notes

prerex -- Interactive editor and macro support for prerequisite charts

productbox -- Typeset a three-dimensional product box

ptolemaicastronomy -- Diagrams of sphere models for variably strict conditionals (Lewis counterfactuals)

puyotikz -- Quickly typeset board states of Puyo Puyo games

pxpgfmark -- e-pTeX driver for PGF inter-picture connections

pxpic -- Draw pixel pictures

qcircuit -- Macros to generate quantum ciruits

qrcode -- Generate QR codes in LaTeX

quantikz -- Draw quantum circuit diagrams

randbild -- Marginal pictures

randomwalk -- Random walks using TikZ

realhats -- Put real hats on symbols instead of ^

reotex -- Draw Reo Channels and Circuits

robotarm -- TikZ powered LaTeX package to draw parameterized 2D robot arms

rviewport -- Relative Viewport for Graphics Inclusion

sa-tikz -- TikZ library to draw switching architectures

sacsymb -- "Sacred Symbols" prepared with TikZ

schemabloc -- Draw block diagrams, using TikZ

scratch -- Draw programs like "scratch"

scratch3 -- Draw programs like "scratch"

scsnowman -- Snowman variants using TikZ

setdeck -- Typeset cards for Set

signchart -- Create beautifully typeset sign charts

simplenodes -- Simple nodes in four colors written in TikZ for LaTeX

simpleoptics -- Drawing lenses and mirrors for optical diagrams

smartdiagram -- Generate diagrams from lists

spath3 -- Manipulate "soft paths" in PGF

spectralsequences -- Print spectral sequence diagrams using PGF/TikZ

strands -- Draw objects constructed from strands

swimgraf -- Graphical/textual representations of swimming performances

syntaxdi -- Create "railroad" syntax diagrams

table-fct -- Draw a variations table of functions and a convexity table of its graph

texdraw -- Graphical macros, using embedded PostScript

ticollege -- Graphical representation of keys on a standard scientific calculator

tikz-3dplot -- Coordinate transformation styles for 3d plotting in TikZ

tikz-among-us -- Create some AmongUs characters in TikZ environments

tikz-bagua -- Draw Bagua symbols in Yijing

tikz-bayesnet -- Draw Bayesian networks, graphical models and directed factor graphs

tikz-bbox -- Precise determination of bounding boxes in TikZ

tikz-cd -- Create commutative diagrams with TikZ

tikz-dependency -- A library for drawing dependency graphs

tikz-dimline -- Technical dimension lines using PGF/TikZ

tikz-ext -- A collection of libraries for PGF/TikZ

tikz-feynhand -- Feynman diagrams with TikZ

tikz-feynman -- Feynman diagrams with TikZ

tikz-imagelabels -- Put labels on images using TikZ

tikz-inet -- Draw interaction nets with TikZ

tikz-kalender -- A LaTeX based calendar using TikZ

tikz-karnaugh -- Typeset Karnaugh maps using TikZ

tikz-ladder -- Draw ladder diagrams using TikZ

tikz-lake-fig -- Schematic diagrams of lakes

tikz-layers -- TikZ provides graphical layers on TikZ: "behind", "above" and "glass"

tikz-mirror-lens -- Spherical mirrors and lenses in TikZ

tikz-nef -- Create diagrams for neural networks constructed with the methods of the Neural Engineering Framework (NEF)

tikz-network -- Draw networks with TikZ

tikz-nfold -- Triple, quadruple, and n-fold paths with TikZ

tikz-opm -- Typeset OPM diagrams

tikz-optics -- A library for drawing optical setups with TikZ

tikz-osci -- Produce oscilloscope "screen shots"

tikz-page -- Small macro to help building nice and complex layout materials

tikz-palattice -- Draw particle accelerator lattices with TikZ

tikz-planets -- Illustrate celestial mechanics and the solar system

tikz-qtree -- Use existing qtree syntax for trees in TikZ

tikz-relay -- TikZ library for typesetting electrical diagrams

tikz-sfc -- Symbols collection for typesetting Sequential Function Chart (SFC) diagrams (PLC programs)

tikz-swigs -- Horizontally and vertically split elliptical nodes

tikz-timing -- Easy generation of timing diagrams as TikZ pictures

tikz-trackschematic -- A TikZ library for creating track diagrams in railways

tikz-truchet -- Draw Truchet tiles

tikz2d-fr -- Work with some 2D TikZ commands (French)

tikz3d-fr -- Work with some 3D figures

tikzbricks -- Drawing bricks with TikZ

tikzcodeblocks -- Helps to draw codeblocks like scratch, NEPO and PXT in TikZ

tikzdotncross -- Small set of macros for defining/marking coordinates and crossing (jumps) paths

tikzducks -- A little fun package for using rubber ducks in TikZ

tikzfill -- TikZ libraries for filling with images and patterns

tikzinclude -- Import TikZ images from colletions

tikzlings -- A collection of cute little animals and similar creatures

tikzmark -- Use TikZ's method of remembering a position on a page

tikzmarmots -- Drawing little marmots in TikZ

tikzorbital -- Atomic and molecular orbitals using TikZ

tikzpackets -- Display network packets

tikzpagenodes -- A single TikZ node for the whole page

tikzpeople -- Draw people-shaped nodes in TikZ

tikzpfeile -- Draw arrows using PGF/TikZ

tikzpingus -- Penguins with TikZ

tikzposter -- Create scientific posters using TikZ

tikzquads -- A few shapes designed to be used with CircuiTikZ

tikzquests -- A parametric questions' repositories framework

tikzscale -- Resize pictures while respecting text size

tikzsymbols -- Some symbols created using TikZ

tikztosvg -- A utility for rendering TikZ diagrams to SVG

tikzviolinplots -- Draws violin plots from data

tile-graphic -- Create tiles of a graphical file

tilings -- A TikZ library for drawing tiles and tilings

timing-diagrams -- Draw timing diagrams

tipfr -- Produces calculator's keys with the help of TikZ

tkz-base -- Tools for drawing with a cartesian coordinate system

tkz-berge -- Macros for drawing graphs of graph theory

tkz-bernoulli -- Draw Bernoulli trees with TikZ

tkz-doc -- Documentation macros for the TKZ series of packages

tkz-elements -- A Lua library for drawing Euclidean geometry with TikZ or tkz-euclide

tkz-euclide -- Tools for drawing Euclidean geometry

tkz-fct -- Tools for drawing graphs of functions

tkz-graph -- Draw graph-theory graphs

tkz-orm -- Create Object-Role Model (ORM) diagrams

tkz-tab -- Tables of signs and variations using PGF/TikZ

tkzexample -- Package for the documentation of all tkz-* packages

tonevalue -- Tool for linguists and phoneticians to visualize tone value patterns

tqft -- Drawing TQFT diagrams with TikZ/PGF

tsemlines -- Support for the ancient \emline macro

tufte-latex -- Document classes inspired by the work of Edward Tufte

twemojis -- Use Twitter's open source emojis through LaTeX commands

tzplot -- Plot graphs with TikZ abbreviations

utfsym -- Provides various Unicode symbols

vectorlogos -- Vectorial logos (GeoGebra, Emacs, Scratch, ...) with 'inline' support

venndiagram -- Creating Venn diagrams with TikZ

visualpstricks -- Visual help for PSTricks based on images with minimum text

wheelchart -- Diagrams with circular or other shapes using TikZ and LaTeX3

wordcloud -- Drawing wordclouds with MetaPost and Lua

worldflags -- Drawing flags with TikZ

xistercian -- Cistercian numerals in LaTeX

xpicture -- Extensions of LaTeX picture drawing

xypic -- Flexible diagramming macros

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