TeX Live: Publisher styles, theses, etc.


This package includes the following CTAN packages:

aastex -- Macros for Manuscript Preparation for AAS Journals

abnt -- Typesetting academic works according to ABNT rules

abntex2 -- Typeset technical and scientific Brazilian documents based on ABNT rules

abntexto -- LaTeX class for formatting academic papers in ABNT standards

acmart -- Class for typesetting publications of ACM

acmconf -- Class for ACM conference proceedings

active-conf -- Class for typesetting ACTIVE conference papers

adfathesis -- Australian Defence Force Academy thesis format

afparticle -- Typesetting articles for Archives of Forensic Psychology

afthesis -- Air Force Institute of Technology thesis class

aguplus -- Styles for American Geophysical Union

aiaa -- Typeset AIAA conference papers

amnestyreport -- A LaTeX class for Amnesty International

anonymous-acm -- Typeset anonymous versions for ACM articles

anufinalexam -- LaTeX document shell for ANU final exam

aomart -- Typeset articles for the Annals of Mathematics

apa -- American Psychological Association format

apa6 -- Format documents in APA style (6th edition)

apa6e -- Format manuscripts to APA 6th edition guidelines

apa7 -- Format documents in APA style (7th edition)

arsclassica -- A different view of the ClassicThesis package

articleingud -- LaTeX class for articles published in INGENIERIA review

asaetr -- Transactions of the ASAE

ascelike -- Bibliography style for the ASCE

asmeconf -- A LaTeX template for ASME conference papers

asmejour -- A template for ASME journal papers

aucklandthesis -- Memoir-based class for formatting University of Auckland masters' and doctors' theses

bangorcsthesis -- Typeset a thesis at Bangor University

bangorexam -- Typeset an examination at Bangor University

bath-bst -- Harvard referencing style as recommended by the University of Bath Library

beamer-fuberlin -- Beamer, using the style of FU Berlin

beamer-verona -- A theme for the beamer class

beilstein -- Support for submissions to the "Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology"

bfh-ci -- Corporate Design for Bern University of Applied Sciences

bgteubner -- Class for producing books for the publisher "Teubner Verlag"

bjfuthesis -- A thesis class for Beijing Forestry University

bmstu -- A LaTeX class for Bauman Moscow State Technical University

bmstu-iu8 -- A class for IU8 reports

br-lex -- A Class for Typesetting Brazilian legal texts

brandeis-dissertation -- Class for Brandeis University dissertations

brandeis-problemset -- Document class for COSI Problem sets at Brandeis University (Waltham, MA)

brandeis-thesis -- A class for Brandeis University M.A. theses

buctthesis -- Beijing University of Chemical Technology Thesis Template

cascadilla -- Typeset papers conforming to the stylesheet of the Cascadilla Proceedings Project

cesenaexam -- A class file to typeset exams

chem-journal -- Various BibTeX formats for journals in Chemistry

chifoot -- Chicago-style footnote formatting

chs-physics-report -- Physics lab reports for Carmel High School

cidarticle -- A class for submissions to the "Commentarii informaticae didacticae" (CID)

cje -- LaTeX document class for CJE articles

cjs-rcs-article -- Article class for The Canadian Journal of Statistics

classicthesis -- A "classically styled" thesis package

cleanthesis -- A clean LaTeX style for thesis documents

cmpj -- Style for the journal Condensed Matter Physics

confproc -- A set of tools for generating conference proceedings

contract -- Typeset formalized legal documents such as contracts, statutes, etc.

cquthesis -- LaTeX Thesis Template for Chongqing University

dccpaper -- Typeset papers for the International Journal of Digital Curation

dithesis -- A class for undergraduate theses at the University of Athens

ebook -- Helps creating an ebook by providing an ebook class

ebsthesis -- Typesetting theses for economics

ecothesis -- LaTeX thesis template for the Universidade Federal de Vicosa (UFV), Brazil

ejpecp -- Class for EJP and ECP

ekaia -- Article format for publishing the Basque Country Science and Technology Journal "Ekaia"

elbioimp -- A LaTeX document class for the Journal of Electrical Bioimpedance

els-cas-templates -- Elsevier updated LaTeX templates

elsarticle -- Class for articles for submission to Elsevier journals

elteiktdk -- TDK-thesis template for Hungarian TDK conferences, Section of Computer Science

elteikthesis -- Thesis template for Eotvos Lorand University (Informatics)

emisa -- A LaTeX package for preparing manuscripts for the journal EMISA

erdc -- Style for Reports by US Army Corps of Engineers

estcpmm -- Style for Munitions Management Project Reports

etsvthor -- Some useful abbreviations for members of e.t.s.v. Thor

facture-belge-simple-sans-tva -- Simple Belgian invoice without VAT

fbithesis -- Computer Science thesis class for University of Dortmund

fcavtex -- A thesis class for the FCAV/UNESP (Brazil)

fcltxdoc -- Macros for use in the author's documentation

fei -- Class for academic works at FEI University Center -- Brazil

ftc-notebook -- Typeset FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) notebooks

gaceta -- A class to typeset La Gaceta de la RSME

gammas -- Template for the GAMM Archive for Students

geradwp -- Document class for the Cahiers du GERAD series

gfdl -- Support for using GFDL in LaTeX

gradstudentresume -- A generic template for graduate student resumes

grant -- Classes for formatting federal grant proposals

gsemthesis -- Geneva School of Economics and Management PhD thesis format

gzt -- Bundle of classes for "La Gazette des Mathematiciens"

h2020proposal -- LaTeX class and template for EU H2020 RIA proposal

hagenberg-thesis -- Collection of LaTeX classes, style files and example documents for academic manuscripts

har2nat -- Replace the harvard package with natbib

hecthese -- A class for dissertations and theses at HEC Montreal

hep-paper -- Publications in High Energy Physics

heria -- A LaTeX class for Horizon Europe RIA and IA grant proposals

hfutexam -- Exam class for Hefei University of Technology (China)

hfutthesis -- LaTeX Thesis Template for Hefei University of Technology

hithesis -- Harbin Institute of Technology Thesis Template

hitszbeamer -- A beamer theme for Harbin Institute of Technology, ShenZhen

hitszthesis -- A dissertation template for Harbin Institute of Technology, ShenZhen

hobete -- Unofficial beamer theme for the University of Hohenheim

hu-berlin-bundle -- LaTeX classes for the Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin

hustthesis -- Unofficial thesis template for Huazhong University

iaria -- Write documents for the IARIA publications

iaria-lite -- Write documents for the IARIA publications

icsv -- Class for typesetting articles for the ICSV conference

ieeeconf -- Macros for IEEE conference proceedings

ieeepes -- IEEE Power Engineering Society Transactions

ieeetran -- Document class for IEEE Transactions journals and conferences

ijmart -- LaTeX Class for the Israel Journal of Mathematics

ijsra -- LaTeX document class for the International Journal of Student Research in Archaeology

imac -- International Modal Analysis Conference format

imtekda -- IMTEK thesis class

inkpaper -- A mathematical paper template

iodhbwm -- Unofficial template of the DHBW Mannheim

iscram -- A LaTeX class to publish article to ISCRAM conferences

jacow -- A class for submissions to the proceedings of conferences on JACoW.org

jmlr -- Class files for the Journal of Machine Learning Research

jnuexam -- Exam class for Jinan University

jourcl -- Cover letter for journal submissions

jourrr -- A LaTeX template for journal rebuttal letters

jpsj -- Document Class for Journal of the Physical Society of Japan

jwjournal -- A personal class for writing journals

kdgdocs -- Document classes for Karel de Grote University College

kdpcover -- Covers for books published by Kindle Direct Publishing

kfupm-math-exam -- A LaTeX document style to produce homework, quiz and exam papers

kluwer -- Kluwer publication support

ksp-thesis -- A LaTeX class for theses published with KIT Scientific Publishing

ku-template -- Copenhagen University or faculty logo for front page

langsci -- Typeset books for publication with Language Science Press

langsci-avm -- Feature structures and attribute-value matrices (AVM)

limecv -- A (Xe/Lua)LaTeX document class for curriculum vitae

lion-msc -- LaTeX class for B.Sc. and M.Sc. reports at Leiden Institute of Physics (LION)

llncs -- Document class and bibliography style for Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS)

llncsconf -- LaTeX package extending Springer's llncs class

lni -- Official class for the "Lecture Notes in Informatics"

lps -- Class for "Logic and Philosophy of Science"

matc3 -- Commands for MatematicaC3 textbooks

matc3mem -- Class for MatematicaC3 textbooks

mcmthesis -- Template designed for MCM/ICM

mentis -- A basis for books to be published by Mentis publishers

mitthesis -- A LaTeX template for an MIT thesis

mlacls -- LaTeX class for MLA papers

mluexercise -- Exercises/homework at the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg

mnras -- Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society

modeles-factures-belges-assocs -- Generate invoices for Belgian non-profit organizations

msu-thesis -- Class for Michigan State University Master's and PhD theses

mucproc -- Conference proceedings for the German MuC-conference

mugsthesis -- Thesis class complying with Marquette University Graduate School requirements

muling -- MA Thesis class for the Department of Linguistics, University of Mumbai

musuos -- Typeset papers for the department of music, Osnabruck

muthesis -- Classes for University of Manchester Dept of Computer Science

mynsfc -- XeLaTeX template for writing the main body of NSFC proposals

nature -- Prepare papers for the journal Nature

navydocs -- Support for Technical Reports by US Navy Organizations

nddiss -- Notre Dame Dissertation format class

ndsu-thesis -- North Dakota State University disquisition class

ndsu-thesis-2022 -- North Dakota State University disquisition class 2022

nih -- A class for NIH grant applications

nihbiosketch -- A class for NIH biosketches based on the 2015 updated format

njustthesis -- Thesis template for the Nanjing University of Science and Technology

njuthesis -- LaTeX thesis template for Nanjing University

njuvisual -- Display logos related to Nanjing University

nostarch -- LaTeX class for No Starch Press

novel -- Class for printing fiction, such as novels

nrc -- Class for the NRC technical journals

nwafuthesis -- A thesis template package for Northwest A&F University, China

nwejm -- Support for the journal "North-Western European Journal of Mathematics"

nxuthesis -- Thesis template for Ningxia University

onrannual -- Class for Office of Naval Research Ocean Battlespace Sensing annual report

opteng -- SPIE Optical Engineering and OE Letters manuscript template

osda -- Commands for Proceedings of the Workshop on Open-Source Design Automation

oststud -- Templates for the student organization at OST FH, Switzerland

oup-authoring-template -- A general template for journals published by Oxford University Press (OUP)

philosophersimprint -- Typesetting articles for "Philosophers' Imprint"

pittetd -- Electronic Theses and Dissertations at Pitt

pkuthss -- LaTeX template for dissertations in Peking University

powerdot-fuberlin -- Powerdot, using the style of FU Berlin

powerdot-tuliplab -- A style package for Powerdot to provide the design of TULIP Lab

pracjourn -- Typeset articles for PracTeX

prociagssymp -- Macros for IAG symposium papers

proposal -- A set of LaTeX classes for preparing proposals for collaborative projects

prtec -- A template for PRTEC conference papers

ptptex -- Macros for 'Progress of Theoretical Physics'

qrbill -- Create QR bills using LaTeX

quantumarticle -- Document class for submissions to the Quantum journal

regulatory -- Flexible drafting of legal documents, especially in Dutch

resphilosophica -- Typeset articles for the journal Res Philosophica

resumecls -- Typeset a resume both in English and Chinese

revtex -- Styles for various Physics Journals

revtex4 -- Styles for various Physics Journals (old version)

revtex4-1 -- Styles for various Physics Journals

rub-kunstgeschichte -- A class for the art history institute at Ruhr University Bochum

rutitlepage -- Radboud University Titlepage Package

ryersonsgsthesis -- Ryerson School of Graduate Studies thesis template

ryethesis -- Class for Ryerson Unversity Graduate School requirements

sageep -- Format papers for the annual meeting of EEGS

sapthesis -- Typeset theses for Sapienza-University, Rome

schule -- Support for teachers at German schools

scientific-thesis-cover -- Provides cover page and affirmation at the end of a thesis

scripture -- A LaTeX style for typesetting Bible quotations

scrjrnl -- Typeset diaries or journals

sduthesis -- Thesis Template of Shandong University

se2thesis -- A Thesis Class for the Chair of Software Engineering II at the University of Passau, Germany

seu-ml-assign -- Southeast University Machine Learning Assignment template

seuthesis -- LaTeX template for theses at Southeastern University

seuthesix -- LaTeX class for theses at Southeast University, Nanjing, China

sfee -- A LaTeX class for the Smart Factory and Energy Efficence magazine of the Tecnologico

shortmathj -- Automatically shortify titles of mathematical journals

shtthesis -- An unofficial LaTeX thesis template for ShanghaiTech University

smflatex -- Classes for Societe mathematique de France publications

soton -- University of Southampton-compliant slides

sphdthesis -- LaTeX template for writing PhD Thesis

spie -- Support for formatting SPIE Proceedings manuscripts

sr-vorl -- Class for Springer books

srdp-mathematik -- Typeset Austrian SRDP in mathematics

stellenbosch -- Stellenbosch thesis bundle (legacy version)

stellenbosch-2 -- Stellenbosch University thesis bundle

suftesi -- A document class for typesetting theses, books and articles

sugconf -- SAS(R) user group conference proceedings document class

tabriz-thesis -- A template for the University of Tabriz

technion-thesis-template -- Template for theses on the Technion graduate school

texilikechaps -- Format chapters with a texi-like format

texilikecover -- A cover-page package, like TeXinfo

thesis-ekf -- Thesis class for Eszterhazy Karoly Catholic University

thesis-gwu -- Thesis class for George Washington University School of Engineering and Applied Science

thesis-qom -- Thesis style of the University of Qom, Iran

thesis-titlepage-fhac -- Little style to create a standard titlepage for diploma thesis

thuaslogos -- Logos for The Hague University of Applied Sciences (THUAS)

thubeamer -- A beamer theme for Tsinghua University

thucoursework -- Coursework template for Tsinghua University

thuthesis -- Thesis template for Tsinghua University

tidyres -- Create formal resumes easily

tiet-question-paper -- A LaTeX question paper class for the TIET

timbreicmc -- Typeset documents with ICMC/USP watermarks

tlc-article -- A LaTeX document class for formal documents

topletter -- Letter class for the Politecnico di Torino

toptesi -- Bundle for typesetting multilanguage theses

tuda-ci -- LaTeX templates of Technische Universitat Darmstadt

tudscr -- Corporate Design of Technische Universitat Dresden

tugboat -- LaTeX macros for TUGboat articles

tugboat-plain -- Plain TeX macros for TUGboat

tui -- Thesis style for the University of the Andes, Colombia

turabian -- Create Turabian-formatted material using LaTeX

uaclasses -- University of Arizona thesis and dissertation format

uafthesis -- Document class for theses at University of Alaska Fairbanks

uantwerpendocs -- Course texts, master theses, and exams in University of Antwerp style

ucalgmthesis -- LaTeX thesis class for University of Calgary Faculty of Graduate Studies

ucbthesis -- Thesis and dissertation class supporting UCB requirements

ucdavisthesis -- A thesis/dissertation class for University of California at Davis

ucph-revy -- Musical script formatting

ucsmonograph -- Typesetting academic documents from the University of Caxias do Sul

ucthesis -- University of California thesis format

udepcolor -- University of Piura (UDEP) institutional and corporate colors for digital and electronic media

udes-genie-these -- A thesis class file for the Faculte de genie at the Universite de Sherbrooke

uestcthesis -- Thesis class for UESTC

ufrgscca -- A bundle for undergraduate students final work/report (tcc) at UFRGS/EE

uhhassignment -- A document class for typesetting homework assignments

uiucredborder -- Class for UIUC thesis red-bordered forms

uiucthesis -- UIUC thesis class

ukbill -- A class for typesetting UK legislation

ulthese -- Thesis class and templates for Universite Laval

umbclegislation -- A LaTeX class for building legislation files for UMBC Student Government Association Bills

umich-thesis -- University of Michigan Thesis LaTeX class

umthesis -- Dissertations at the University of Michigan

unam-thesis -- Create documents according to the UNAM guidelines

unamth-template -- UNAM Thesis LaTeX Template

unamthesis -- Style for Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico theses

unbtex -- A class for theses at University of Brasilia (UnB)

unifith -- Typeset theses for University of Florence (Italy)

unigrazpub -- LaTeX templates for University of Graz Library Publishing Services

unitn-bimrep -- A bimonthly report class for the PhD School of Materials, Mechatronics and System Engineering

univie-ling -- Papers, theses and research proposals in (Applied) Linguistics at Vienna University

unizgklasa -- A LaTeX class for theses at the Faculty Of Graphic Arts in Zagreb

unswcover -- Typeset a dissertation cover page following UNSW guidelines

uol-physics-report -- A LaTeX document class for writing lab reports

uothesis -- Class for dissertations and theses at the University of Oregon

uowthesis -- Document class for dissertations at the University of Wollongong

uowthesistitlepage -- Title page for dissertations at the University of Wollongong

urcls -- Beamer and scrlttr2 classes and styles for the University of Regensburg

uspatent -- U.S. Patent Application Tools for LaTeX and LyX

ut-thesis -- University of Toronto thesis style

utexasthesis -- University of Texas at Austin graduate thesis style

uvaletter -- Unofficial letterhead template for the University of Amsterdam

uwa-colours -- The colour palette of The University of Western Australia

uwa-letterhead -- The letterhead of the University of Western Australia

uwa-pcf -- A Participant Consent Form (PCF) for a human research protocol at the University of Western Australia

uwa-pif -- A Participant Information Form (PIF) for a human research protocol at the University of Western Australia

uwthesis -- University of Washington thesis class

vancouver -- Bibliographic style file for Biomedical Journals

wsemclassic -- LaTeX class for Bavarian school w-seminar papers

xduthesis -- XeLaTeX template for writing Xidian University Thesis

xduts -- Xidian University TeX Suite

xmuthesis -- XMU thesis style

yathesis -- A LaTeX class for writing a thesis following French rules

yazd-thesis -- A template for the Yazd University

yb-book -- Template for YB Branded Books

york-thesis -- A thesis class file for York University, Toronto

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