TeX Live: Mathematics, natural sciences, computer science packages


This package includes the following CTAN packages:

12many -- Generalising mathematical index sets

accents -- Multiple mathematical accents

alg -- LaTeX environments for typesetting algorithms

algobox -- Typeset Algobox programs

algorithm2e -- Floating algorithm environment with algorithmic keywords

algorithmicx -- The algorithmic style you always wanted

algorithms -- A suite of tools for typesetting algorithms in pseudo-code

algpseudocodex -- Package for typesetting pseudocode

algxpar -- Support multiple lines of pseudocode

aligned-overset -- Fix alignment at \overset or \underset

amscdx -- Enhanced commutative diagrams

amstex -- American Mathematical Society plain TeX macros

annotate-equations -- Easily annotate math equations using TikZ

apxproof -- Proofs in appendix

autobreak -- Simple line breaking of long formulae

axodraw2 -- Feynman diagrams in a LaTeX document

backnaur -- Typeset Backus Naur Form definitions

begriff -- Typeset Begriffschrift

binomexp -- Calculate Pascal's triangle

biocon -- Typesetting biological species names

bitpattern -- Typeset bit pattern diagrams

bodeplot -- Draw Bode, Nyquist and Nichols plots with gnuplot or pgfplots

bohr -- Simple atom representation according to the Bohr model

boldtensors -- Bold latin and greek characters through simple prefix characters

bosisio -- A collection of packages by Francesco Bosisio

bpchem -- Typeset chemical names, formulae, etc

bropd -- Simplified brackets and differentials in LaTeX

bussproofs -- Proof trees in the style of the sequent calculus

bussproofs-extra -- Extra commands for bussproofs.sty

bytefield -- Create illustrations for network protocol specifications

calculation -- Typesetting reasoned calculations, also called calculational proofs

cartonaugh -- A LuaLaTeX package for drawing karnaugh maps with up to 6 variables

cascade -- Constructions with braces to present mathematical demonstrations

causets -- Draw causal set (Hasse) diagrams

ccfonts -- Support for Concrete text and math fonts in LaTeX

ccool -- A key-value document command parser

chemarrow -- Arrows for use in chemistry

chemcompounds -- Simple consecutive numbering of chemical compounds

chemcono -- Support for compound numbers in chemistry documents

chemexec -- Creating (chemical) exercise sheets

chemformula -- Command for typesetting chemical formulas and reactions

chemgreek -- Upright Greek letters in chemistry

chemmacros -- A collection of macros to support typesetting chemistry documents

chemnum -- A method for numbering chemical compounds

chemobabel -- Convert chemical structures from ChemDraw, MDL molfile or SMILES using Open Babel

chemplants -- Symbology to draw chemical plants with TikZ

chemschemex -- Typeset and cross-reference chemical schemes based on TikZ code

chemsec -- Automated creation of numeric entity labels

chemstyle -- Writing chemistry with style

clrscode -- Typesets pseudocode as in Introduction to Algorithms

clrscode3e -- Typesets pseudocode as in Introduction to Algorithms

codeanatomy -- Typeset code with annotations

commath -- Mathematics typesetting support

commutative-diagrams -- CoDi: Commutative Diagrams for TeX

complexity -- Computational complexity class names

computational-complexity -- Class for the journal Computational Complexity

concmath -- Concrete Math fonts

concrete -- Concrete Roman fonts

conteq -- Typeset multiline continued equalities

correctmathalign -- Correct spacing of the alignment in expressions

cryptocode -- Typesetting pseudocode, protocols, game-based proofs and black-box reductions in cryptography

csassignments -- A wrapper for article with macros and customizations for computer science assignments

cvss -- Compute and display CVSS base scores

decision-table -- An easy way to create Decision Model and Notation decision tables

delim -- Simplify typesetting mathematical delimiters

delimseasy -- Delimiter commands that are easy to use and resize

delimset -- Typeset and declare sets of delimiters with convenient size control

derivative -- Nice and easy derivatives

diffcoeff -- Write differential coefficients easily and consistently

digiconfigs -- Writing "configurations"

dijkstra -- Dijkstra algorithm for LaTeX

drawmatrix -- Draw visual representations of matrices in LaTeX

drawstack -- Draw execution stacks

dyntree -- Construct Dynkin tree diagrams

easing -- easing functions for pgfmath

ebproof -- Formal proofs in the style of sequent calculus

econometrics -- Defines some commands that simplify mathematic notation in economic and econometric writing

eltex -- Simple circuit diagrams in LaTeX picture mode

emf -- Support for the EMF symbol

endiagram -- Easy creation of potential energy curve diagrams

engtlc -- Support for users in Telecommunications Engineering

eolang -- Formulas and graphs for the EO programming language

eqexpl -- Align explanations for formulas

eqnarray -- More generalised equation arrays with numbering

eqnnumwarn -- Modifies the amsmath equation environments to warn for a displaced equation number

euclideangeometry -- Draw geometrical constructions

extarrows -- Extra Arrows beyond those provided in amsmath

extpfeil -- Extensible arrows in mathematics

faktor -- Typeset quotient structures with LaTeX

fascicules -- Create mathematical manuals for schools

fitch -- LaTeX macros for Fitch-style natural deduction

fixdif -- Macros for typesetting differential operators

fixmath -- Make maths comply with ISO 31-0:1992 to ISO 31-13:1992

fnspe -- Macros for supporting mainly students of FNSPE CTU in Prague

formal-grammar -- Typeset formal grammars

fouridx -- Left sub- and superscripts in maths mode

freealign -- Align math formulas in different lines

functan -- Macros for functional analysis and PDE theory

galois -- Typeset Galois connections

gastex -- Graphs and Automata Simplified in TeX

gene-logic -- Typeset logic formulae, etc

ghsystem -- Globally harmonised system of chemical (etc) naming

glosmathtools -- Mathematical nomenclature tools based on the glossaries package

gotoh -- An implementation of the Gotoh sequence alignment algorithm

grundgesetze -- Typeset Frege's Grundgesetze der Arithmetik

gu -- Typeset crystallographic group-subgroup-schemes

helmholtz-ellis-ji-notation -- Beautiful in-line microtonal just intonation accidentals

hep -- A "convenience wrapper" for High Energy Physics packages

hep-graphic -- Extensions for graphics, plots and feynman graphs in high energy physics

hep-reference -- Adjustments for publications in High Energy Physics

hepnames -- Pre-defined high energy particle names

hepparticles -- Macros for typesetting high energy physics particle names

hepthesis -- A class for academic reports, especially PhD theses

hepunits -- A set of units useful in high energy physics applications

ibrackets -- Intelligent brackets

includernw -- Include .Rnw inside .tex

interval -- Format mathematical intervals, ensuring proper spacing

ionumbers -- Restyle numbers in maths mode

isomath -- Mathematics style for science and technology

isphysicalmath -- Simple way to write nice formulas

jkmath -- Macros for mathematics that make the code more readable

jupynotex -- Include whole or partial Jupyter notebooks in LaTeX documents

karnaugh -- Typeset Karnaugh-Veitch-maps

karnaugh-map -- LaTeX package for drawing karnaugh maps with up to 6 variables

karnaughmap -- Typeset Karnaugh maps

kvmap -- Create Karnaugh maps with LaTeX

letterswitharrows -- Draw arrows over math letters

lie-hasse -- Draw Hasse diagrams

logicproof -- Box proofs for propositional and predicate logic

longdivision -- Typesets long division

lpform -- Typesetting linear programming formulations and sets of equations

lplfitch -- Fitch-style natural deduction proofs

lstbayes -- Listings language driver for Bayesian modeling languages

luanumint -- Numerical integration using Lua inside LaTeX documents

mathcommand -- \newcommand-like commands for defining math macros

mathcomp -- Text symbols in maths mode

mathfixs -- Fix various layout issues in math mode

mathlig -- Define maths "ligatures"

mathpartir -- Typesetting sequences of math formulas, e.g. type inference rules

mathpunctspace -- Control the space after punctuation in math expressions

mathsemantics -- Semantic math commands in LaTeX

matlab-prettifier -- Pretty-print Matlab source code

matrix-skeleton -- A PGF/TikZ library that simplifies working with multiple matrix nodes

mattens -- Matrices/tensor typesetting

mecaso -- Formulas frequently used in rigid body mechanics

medmath -- Better medium-size math commands

membranecomputing -- Membrane Computing notation

memorygraphs -- TikZ styles to typeset graphs of program memory

messagepassing -- Draw diagrams to represent communication protocols

mgltex -- High-quality graphics from MGL scripts embedded in LaTeX documents

mhchem -- Typeset chemical formulae/equations and H and P statements

mhequ -- Multicolumn equations, tags, labels, sub-numbering

miller -- Typeset miller indices

mismath -- Miscellaneous mathematical macros

multiobjective -- Symbols for multiobjective optimisation etc

naive-ebnf -- EBNF in plain text

namedtensor -- Macros for named tensor notation

natded -- Typeset natural deduction proofs

nath -- Natural mathematics notation

nchairx -- Maths macros from chair X of Wurzburg University

nicematrix -- Improve the typesetting of mathematical matrices with PGF

nuc -- Notation for nuclear isotopes

nucleardata -- Provides data about atomic nuclides for documents

numerica -- Numerically evaluate mathematical expressions in LaTeX form

numerica-plus -- Iteration and recurrence relations: finding fixed points, zeros and extrema of functions

numerica-tables -- Create multi-column tables of mathematical functions

objectz -- Macros for typesetting Object Z

odesandpdes -- Optimizing workflow involving odes and pdes

oplotsymbl -- Some symbols which are not easily available

ot-tableau -- Optimality Theory tableaux in LaTeX

oubraces -- Braces over and under a formula

overarrows -- Custom extensible arrows over math expressions

pascaltriangle -- Draw beautiful Pascal (Yanghui) triangles

perfectcut -- Nested delimiters that consistently grow regardless of the contents

pfdicons -- Draw process flow diagrams in chemical engineering

physconst -- Macros for commonly used physical constants

physics -- Macros supporting the Mathematics of Physics

physics2 -- Macros for typesetting maths faster and more simply

physunits -- Macros for commonly used physical units

pinoutikz -- Draw chip pinouts with TikZ

pm-isomath -- Poor man ISO math for pdfLaTeX users

pmdraw -- Draw elements of partition monoids

polexpr -- A parser for polynomial expressions

prftree -- Macros for building proof trees

principia -- Notations for typesetting the "Principia Mathematica"

proba -- Shortcuts commands to symbols used in probability texts

proof-at-the-end -- A package to move proofs to appendix

prooftrees -- Forest-based proof trees (symbolic logic)

pseudo -- Straightforward pseudocode

pseudocode -- LaTeX environment for specifying algorithms in a natural way

pythonhighlight -- Highlighting of Python code, based on the listings package

qsharp -- Syntax highlighting for the Q# language

quickreaction -- A simple and fast way to typeset chemical reactions

quiver -- Draw commutative diagrams exported from https://q.uiver.app

rank-2-roots -- Draw (mathematical) rank 2 root systems

rbt-mathnotes -- Rebecca Turner's personal macros and styles for typesetting mathematics notes

rec-thy -- Commands to typeset recursion theory papers

resolsysteme -- Work on linear systems using xint or pyluatex

rest-api -- Describing a rest api

revquantum -- Hacks to make writing quantum papers for revtex4-1 less painful

ribbonproofs -- Drawing ribbon proofs

rmathbr -- Repeating of math operator at the broken line and the new line in inline equations

sankey -- Draw Sankey diagrams with TikZ

sasnrdisplay -- Typeset SAS or R code or output

sciposter -- Make posters of ISO A3 size and larger

sclang-prettifier -- Prettyprinting SuperCollider source code

scratchx -- Include Scratch programs in LaTeX documents

sesamanuel -- Class and package for sesamath books or paper

sfg -- Draw signal flow graphs

shuffle -- A symbol for the shuffle product

simplebnf -- A simple package to format Backus-Naur form (BNF)

simpler-wick -- Simpler Wick contractions

simples-matrices -- Define matrices by given list of values

simplewick -- Simple Wick contractions

sistyle -- Package to typeset SI units, numbers and angles

siunits -- International System of Units

siunitx -- A comprehensive (SI) units package

skmath -- Extensions to the maths command repertoir

spalign -- Typeset matrices and arrays with spaces and semicolons as delimiters

spbmark -- Customize superscripts and subscripts

stanli -- TikZ Library for Structural Analysis

statex -- Statistics style

statex2 -- Statistics style

statistics -- Compute and typeset statistics tables and graphics

statistik -- Store statistics of a document

statmath -- A LaTeX package for simple use of statistical notation

steinmetz -- Print Steinmetz notation

stmaryrd -- St Mary Road symbols for theoretical computer science

string-diagrams -- Create string diagrams with LaTeX and TikZ

structmech -- A TikZ command set for structural mechanics drawings

struktex -- Draw Nassi-Shneiderman charts

substances -- A database of chemicals

subsupscripts -- A range of sub- and superscript commands

subtext -- Easy text-style subscripts in math mode

susy -- Macros for SuperSymmetry-related work

syllogism -- Typeset syllogisms in LaTeX

synproof -- Easy drawing of syntactic proofs

t-angles -- Draw tangles, trees, Hopf algebra operations and other pictures

tablor -- Create tables of signs and of variations

tensind -- Typeset tensors

tensor -- Typeset tensors

tex-ewd -- Macros to typeset calculational proofs and programs in Dijkstra's style

textgreek -- Upright greek letters in text

textopo -- Annotated membrane protein topology plots

thermodynamics -- Macros for multicomponent thermodynamics documents

thmbox -- Decorate theorem statements

tiscreen -- Mimic the screen of older Texas Instruments calculators

turnstile -- Typeset the (logic) turnstile notation

ulqda -- Support of Qualitative Data Analysis

unitsdef -- Typesetting units in LaTeX

venn -- Creating Venn diagrams with MetaPost

witharrows -- "Aligned" math environments with arrows for comments

xymtex -- Typesetting chemical structures

yhmath -- Extended maths fonts for LaTeX

youngtab -- Typeset Young-Tableaux

yquant -- Typesetting quantum circuits in a human-readable language

ytableau -- Many-featured Young tableaux and Young diagrams

zx-calculus -- A library to typeset ZX Calculus diagrams

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