TeX Live: XeTeX and packages


Packages for XeTeX, the Unicode/OpenType-enabled TeX by Jonathan Kew, http://tug.org/xetex.

This package includes the following CTAN packages:

arabxetex -- An ArabTeX-like interface for XeLaTeX

bidi-atbegshi -- Bidi-aware shipout macros

bidicontour -- Bidi-aware coloured contour around text

bidipagegrid -- Bidi-aware page grid in background

bidipresentation -- Experimental bidi presentation

bidishadowtext -- Bidi-aware shadow text

businesscard-qrcode -- Business cards with QR-Code

cqubeamer -- LaTeX Beamer Template for Chongqing University

fixlatvian -- Improve Latvian language support in XeLaTeX

font-change-xetex -- Macros to change text and mathematics fonts in plain XeTeX

fontbook -- Generate a font book

fontwrap -- Bind fonts to specific unicode blocks

interchar -- Managing character class schemes in XeTeX

na-position -- Tables of relative positions of curves and asymptotes or tangents in Arabic documents

philokalia -- A font to typeset the Philokalia Books

ptext -- A 'lipsum' for Persian

realscripts -- Access OpenType subscript and superscript glyphs

simple-resume-cv -- Template for a simple resume or curriculum vitae (CV), in XeLaTeX

simple-thesis-dissertation -- Template for a simple thesis or dissertation (Ph.D. or master's degree) or technical report, in XeLaTeX

tetragonos -- Four-Corner codes of Chinese characters

ucharclasses -- Font actions in XeTeX according to what is being processed

unicode-bidi -- Experimental unicode bidi package for XeTeX

unimath-plain-xetex -- OpenType math support in (plain) XeTeX

unisugar -- Define syntactic sugar for Unicode LaTeX

xebaposter -- Create beautiful scientific Persian/Latin posters using TikZ

xechangebar -- An extension of package changebar that can be used with XeLaTeX

xecolor -- Support for color in XeLaTeX

xecyr -- Using Cyrillic languages in XeTeX

xeindex -- Automatic index generation for XeLaTeX

xelatex-dev --

xesearch -- A string finder for XeTeX

xespotcolor -- Spot colours support for XeLaTeX

xetex -- An extended variant of TeX for use with Unicode sources

xetex-itrans -- Itrans input maps for use with XeLaTeX

xetex-pstricks -- Running PSTricks under XeTeX

xetex-tibetan -- XeTeX input maps for Unicode Tibetan

xetexconfig -- crop.cfg for XeLaTeX

xetexfontinfo -- Report font features in XeTeX

xetexko -- Typeset Korean with Xe(La)TeX

xevlna -- Insert non-breakable spaces using XeTeX

zbmath-review-template -- Template for a zbMATH Open review

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