transcribe between character scripts (alphabets)


This tool lets you transliterate, with a ¼-hearted attempt at transcription, both ways between Latin and a number of other writing scripts. Thus for example the word “Debian” is “Дэбян” in Cyrillic or “Δεβιαν” in Greek. Conversion to Latin lets you understand foreign text (at least names if not meaning), conversion from Latin is for fun, i10n testing, etc.

Supported scripts:
 * latin
 * cyrillic
 * greek
 * devanagari
 * futhark (runes)
 * hiragana
 * katakana
 * old italic
 * gothic (Ulfilas' — you may be looking for fraktur instead)
 * georgian (mkhedruli)
 * mtavruli (also Georgian)
 * armenian
 * ascii (Latin without diacritics or digraphs)
 * fullwidth (double-width ASCII)
 * smallcaps
 * Unicode Plane 1 "math" characters: bold, italic, bold italic, script,
   bold script, fraktur, double-struck, bold fraktur, sans-serif,
   sans-serif bold, sans-serif italic, sans-serif bold italic,
 * enclosed alphanumerics: circled, parenthesized, squared, negative
   circled, negative squared, regional indicators

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