faster grep with an interactive query UI


Universal grep: ultra fast searcher of file systems, text and binary files, source code, archives, compressed files, documents, and more.

The main features include:
 - Written in clean and efficient C++11, built for speed
 - Ultra fast with new match algorithms beating grep, ripgrep, silver
   searcher, hyperscan, etc.
 - Multi-threaded search using high-performance lock-free job queue stealing
 - Multi-threaded task-parallel decompression and search
 - Optimized pattern matching (AVX, SSE2, ARM NEON/AArch64)
 - Optimized asynchronous IO for efficient concurrent searching
 - Thoroughly tested (includes over 1000 test cases)
 - Compatible with the standard GNU/BSD grep command-line options
 - Comprehensive how-to tutorial for beginners to advanced users
 - Interactive query UI to enter search patterns
 - Select files to search by file types, filename suffix, and "magic bytes"
 - Search archives (cpio, jar, tar, pax, zip)
 - Search compressed files (zip, gz, Z, bz, bz2, lzma, xz)
 - Search pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlxs, and more using filters
 - Search binary files and display hexdumps with binary pattern matches
 - Search UTF-encoded files with Unicode pattern matches (by default)
 - Search files encoded in ISO-8859-1 thru 16, CP 437, CP 850, MAC, KOI8, etc.
 - Search files excluding files specified by .gitignore etc.
 - Search patterns across newlines, matching multiple lines at once
 - Search patterns excluding negative patterns ("match this but not that")
 - Includes predefined regex patterns to search source code, XML, JSON, HTML
 - Output results in CSV, JSON, XML, and user-specified formats
 - Sort matching files by name, size, and time
 - Portable, compiles and runs on Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, Windows, etc.

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