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Netfilter Userspace Logging Daemon


ulogd is an advanced netfilter logging daemon. It can act as a replacement for syslog for logging netfilter ruleset violations (via the NFLOG or ULOG iptables targets), can gather per-connection accounting using NFCT, or gather per-rule accounting using NFACCT. Output can be sent to plain text log files, a variety of SQL database formats, XML files, pcap files, syslog, and many other formats.

Support for the DBI database abstraction layer, MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite 3 databases is in separate packages called ulogd2-dbi, ulogd2-mysql, ulogd2-pgsql and ulogd2-sqlite3 respectively. Support for writing to JSON files is the ulogd2-json package. Support for writing to pcap files is in the ulogd2-pcap package.

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