Vagrant plugin that adds an Libvirt provider to Vagrant


vagrant-libvirt allows Vagrant to control and provision machines via Libvirt toolkit.

It has many relevant features:
 * Control local Libvirt hypervisors.
 * Upload box image (qcow2 format) to Libvirt storage pool.
 * Create volume as COW diff image for domains.
 * Create private networks.
 * Create and boot Libvirt domains.
 * SSH into domains.
 * Setup hostname and network interfaces.
 * Provision domains with any built-in Vagrant provisioner.
 * Synced folder support via rsync, nfs or 9p.
 * Snapshots via sahara.
 * Package caching via vagrant-cachier.
 * Use boxes from other Vagrant providers via vagrant-mutate.

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