Speeding up the estimation of phylogenetic trees from sequences


VeryFastTree is a highly efficient implementation inspired by the FastTree-2 tool, designed to expedite the inference of approximately-maximum-likelihood phylogenetic trees from nucleotide or protein sequence alignments. It is an optimized implementation designed to accelerate the estimation of phylogenies for large alignments. By leveraging parallelization and vectorization strategies, VeryFastTree significantly improves the performance and scalability of phylogenetic analysis, allowing it to construct phylogenetic trees in a fraction of the time previously required.

Maintaining the integrity of FastTree-2, VeryFastTree retains the same phases, methods, and heuristics used for estimating phylogenetic trees. This ensures that the topological accuracy of the trees produced by VeryFastTree remains equivalent to that of FastTree-2. Moreover, unlike the parallel version of FastTree-2, VeryFastTree guarantees deterministic results, eliminating any potential variations in the output.

To facilitate a seamless transition for users, VeryFastTree adopts the exact same command line arguments as FastTree-2. This means that by simply substituting FastTree-2 with VeryFastTree, and using the same set of options, users can significantly enhance the overall performance of their phylogenetic analyses.

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