plugins for vim, adding bells and whistles


Vim is a very capable editor. Its scripting support allows the use of plugins that enhance the functionality of it. Many people have written scripts, they are scattered all over the web; however, there's a central resource on to start with.

This is a collection of some of those scripts on a purely subjective and biased basis. Users can thus have some nice scripts without having to go searching. The scripts can be installed globally or on a per user basis. Here is a summary of the included scripts:

 * AlignPlugin - Provides commands to help produce aligned text, eqns,
 * alternateFile - Alternate Files quickly (.c --> .h etc)
 * bufexplorer - Easily switch between buffers without knowing their numbers
 * calendar - Calendar
 * closetag - Easily close SGML-like tags
 * color_sampler_pack - over 100 different color schemes
 * cvsmenu - CVS menu supporting most CVS commands
 * debPlugin - for browsing Debian packages
 * detectindent - Automatically determine indent settings
 * doxygen-toolkit - Simplify Doxygen documentation
 * dtd2vim - create XML data file for XML omni-completion from DTDs
 * EnhancedCommentify - Quickly comment lines in a program
 * gnupg - Transparent editing of gpg encrypted files
 * info - GNU info documentation browser
 * lbdbq - Easily query lbdb from Vim
 * minibufexpl - Elegant buffer explorer - takes very little screen space
 * nerd-commenter - easy code commenting
 * omnicppcomplete - C/C++ omni-completion with ctags
 * po - Easier editing of PO multi-lingual translation files
 * project - organize and navigate file projects
 * python-indent - alternative Python indent script
 * secure-modelines - secure, user-configurable modeline support
 * snippetsEmu - emulate TextMate's snippet expansion
 * supertab - use the tab key for all insert-mode completion
 * surround - easily delete, change, and add 'surround' of text
 * taglist - Source code browser (supports dozens of languages)
 * tetris - Tetris for Vim
 * utl - Univeral Text Linking - Execute URLs in plain text
 * VCSCommand - Commands for cvs, svn, git, hg, bzr, svk
 * vimplate - template system based on template-toolkit
 * VimSokoban - Sokoban Game for Vim
 * whatdomain - Find out the meaning of any Top Level Domain
 * winmanager - A windows style IDE for Vim 6.0
 * xmledit - Helper for editing XML, HTML, and SGML documents

All of the addons are installed as "optional" Vim packages. They can be enabled by adding "packadd! <addon>" (e.g., "packadd! AlignPlugin") to the vimrc.

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