Vim two-pane outliner


VOoM (Vim Outliner of Markups) is a plugin for Vim that emulates a two-pane text outlineer.

The following markup modes are available:
  - fmr(Default Mode) -- Start fold markers with levels:
       {{{1, {{{2, {{{3, etc. Headline text is before the marker.
  - fmr1, fmr2 fmr3 -- start fold markers with levels. Variations of
                        the default mode.
  - wiki -- MediaWiki, headlines are surrounded by '=';
  - vimwiki -- vimwiki plugin
  - viki -- Viki/Deplate plugin
  - dokuwiki -- DokuWiki;
  - org -- Emacs Org-mode;
  - rest -- reStructuredText section titles;
  - markdown -- Markdown headers, both Setext-style and Atx-style;
  - pandoc -- Pandoc Markdown;
  - hashes -- #, ##, ###, etc. (Atx-style headers, a subset of Markdown
  - txt2tags -- txt2tags titles and numbered titles;
  - asciidoc -- AsciiDoc document and section titles, both styles;
  - latex -- LaTeX sectioning and some other commands;
  - latexDtx -- Same as LaTeX but for .dtx files (Documented LaTeX sources).
  - taskpaper -- TaskPaper
  - thevimoutliner -- The Vim Outliner plugin
  - vimoutliner -- VimOutliner plugin
  - cwiki
  - inverseAtx -- inverse Atx-style headers;
  - html -- HTML heading tags, single line only;
  - python -- Python code browser, blocks between 'class' and 'def' are
               also nodes.
  - paragraphBlank, paragraphIndent, paragraphNoIndent -- For working with
                            paragraphs. Handy for sorting blocks of lines.

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