Desktop Client for Borg Backup


Vorta is a GUI backup client for macOS and Linux desktops. It enables less technical users, or users who prefer GUIs, to benefit from the mighty BorgBackup. Now anyone can easily and conveniently protect their data from disk failure, ransomware, theft, and user error.

  * Encrypted, deduplicated, and compressed backups via Borg.
  * Backup to disk (DAS: direct-attached storage), server (NAS: network
    attached storage), or a hosting service that supports Borg (BorgBase,
    rsync.net, et al).
  * Backups over SSH using "borg server".
  * Profiles for grouping source folders, backup destinations, and schedules.
  * Unified interface for viewing and managing all archives.
  * Enhanced ease of use when restoring individual files.
  * Built-in backup scheduling method that does not depend on system-level
    facilities such as cron or systemd timers.

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