WASI libc implementation for WebAssembly


This is a work in progress. It's usable for many purposes, though the APIs aren't stable yet. For example, this is used by the Rust compiler to build its standard library for the wasm32-wasi target.

First, it's a usable libc. It builds a "libc" which can be used by compilers, such as Clang 8.0, using the wasm32-wasi target. It's a work in progress, but it is already sufficient to run basic programs.

Second, it's a "reference" implementation, which means the interfaces defined here can be used by other tools and libraries, even if they don't use all the actual implementations here. For example, we don't expect everyone will want to use the exact malloc implementation provided here, but tools and libraries using an ABI-compatible malloc interface will be able to interoperate regardless of which actual implementation is used.

Third, it's an example showing the use of the WASI API. The libc functionality is implemented using calls to WASI functions.

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