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Combine maps and polygon data for astronomical image processing


WeightWatcher is a program that combines weight-maps, flag-maps and polygon data in order to produce control maps which can directly be used in astronomical image-processing packages like Drizzle, Swarp or SExtractor.

Weight-thresholding and/or specific flag selections are applied by WeightWatcher through a configuration file: this alleviates other programs from such interpretation work. WeightWatcher will mostly be useful as part of an imaging survey pipeline. Its main features are:

 * Processing speed: limited by the I/O performances of the machine
   (typically 50 Mpixel/s on a workstation),
 * Ability to work with very large images (up to, say, 10^8 × 10^9 pixels on
   a 64 bit system),
 * FITS format (including Multi-Extension) is used for input and
   output. Output flag-map format selection is automatic (8, 16 or 32bits),
 * Up to 30 weight-maps, 30 flag-maps, and thousands of polygons can be
   handled simultaneously.
 * Automatic rasterizing of DS9 .reg files,
 * Statistics of flagged and weighted areas,
 * Metadata output in XML-VOTable format.

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