gateway server that links LMSs to WIMS servers, using LTI


WIMS-LTI is a gateway server that links LMSs to WIMS servers, using LTI.

Glossary: =========
 - Wims is an interactive web service featuring rich dynamic exercices for
   students, and a framework to manage inline courses, virtual classes
   for teachers. Wims is a LMS, currently packaged in Debian.
 - the acronym LMS stands for Learning Management System. Popular
   Learning Management systems are Moodle, Chamilo, Claroline, etc.
   see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Learning_management_system
 - LTI is an acronym for Learning Tools Interoperability: it is an
   open standard allowing one to define quickly communication channels
   between LMS(a) and LMS(b), for example to allow one to manage a virtual
   class with his students in LMS(a), and cherry pick exercises provided
   by LMS(b) seemlessly.

A single instance of WIMS-LTI can handle a lot of LMS and WIMS servers.

WIMS-LTI allows :

 - To create a WIMS class associated to a LMS' course.
 - To create students corresponding to that course in the WIMS class.
 - Students to connect to the WIMS server from a LMS.
 - Teachers to connect to the WIMS class as supervisor or as student
   from a LMS.
 - To send the grades of students back to the LMS (automatically and

The documentation is available on readthedocs: https://wims-lti.readthedocs.io/.

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