Collection of LV2 plugins


Package contain these plugins:
 * balance.lv2
   - a stereo balance control plugin
 * controlfilter.lv2
   - filter/process Control Parameters, intended to be used with modular
     synthesizers, in particular ingen
 * darc.lv2
   - a general purpose audio signal compressor
 * dpl.lv2
   - a look-ahead digital peak limiter intended but not limited to the final
     step of mastering or mixing
 * fat1.lv2
   - auto-tuner based on Fons Adriaensen's zita-at1
 * fil4.lv2
   - a 4-band parametric EQ with graphical display
   - additional High/Low shelfs and Hi/Lo Pass filters
 * matrixmixer.lv2
   - a matrix mixer
 * meters.lv2
   - a collection of plugins for audio-level metering
 * mididebug.lv2
   - an instrumention tool to generate arbitrary MIDI messages
 * midifilter.lv2
   - a collection of MIDI filters
 * midigen.lv2
   - simple test-sequence generator
 * midimap.lv2
   - rule based MIDI mapper plugin
 * mixtri.lv2
   - a matrix mixer and trigger processor intended to be used with sisco.lv2
 * nodelay.lv2
   - an audio delay line with latency reporting - test & instrumentation tool
 * onsettrigger.lv2
   - an audio to midi converter currently intended for Bass/Kick-drums
 * phaserotate.lv2
   - an audio phase rotation plugin
 * sisco.lv2
   - a simple audio oscilloscope with variable time scale
 * spectra.lv2
   - a lollipop graph spectrum analyzer
 * stepseq.lv2
   - simple step sequencer
 * stereoroute.lv2
   - stereo routing plugin
 * testsignal.lv2
   - signal-test generator
 * tuna.lv2
   - a musical instrument tuner with strobe characteristics
 * xfade.lv2
   - a stereo DJ X-fade plugin
 * zconvo.lv2
   - a LV2 plugin to convolve audio signals

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