Git-backed CalDAV/CardDAV server


Xandikos is a standards-compliant CalDAV/CardDAV server that backs onto a Git repository.

It supports the following standards:

 * RFC4918/RFC2518 (Core WebDAV) - implemented, except for COPY/MOVE/LOCK
 * RFC4791 (CalDAV) - fully implemented
 * RFC6352 (CardDAV) - fully implemented
 * RFC5397 (Current Principal) - fully implemented
 * RFC3253 (Versioning Extensions) - partially implemented
 * RFC3744 (Access Control) - partially implemented
 * RFC5995 (POST to create members) - fully implemented

Xandikos (Ξανδικός) takes its name from the name of the February month in the ancient Macedonian calendar, used in Macedon in the first millennium BC.

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