JTAG flashing tool for FPGAs, CPLDs and EEPROMs


xc3sprog is a suite of utilities for programming Xilinx FPGAs, CPLDs, and EEPROMs with the Xilinx Parallel Cable and other JTAG adapters under Linux. xc3sprog runs as a command-line application.

The main features include:
 - Reading a .BIT file from Xilinx design tools and programming it into an
 - Reading a JEDEC file and programming it into a CPLD.
 - Programming a .BIT file into an on-board configuration PROM.
 - Programming a binary image into on-board SPI flash memory.
 - Reading the contents of a PROM chip back to a file.
 - Programming AVR microcontrollers.

The functionality of xc3sprog is similar to that of Xilinx IMPACT. There are also similarities with other free JTAG tools, such as UrJTAG. However, xc3sprog has a number of advantages:

 - xc3sprog is free software.
 - It is a command-line tool.
 - It works on Linux without the need to install binary "cable-drivers".
   (Although some types of JTAG cables need to load firmware.)
 - It uses an optional configuration file to recognize new JTAG devices.
 - It contains programming algorithms for the supported devices, enabling
   the direct use of binary files (.BIT / JEDEC) from design tools (as opposed
   to intermediate SVF/STAPLE files).

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