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Traditional fixed-width fonts for X


Provides "traditional" versions of fixed-width fonts.

These are a set of 6x13 fonts (including "fixed"), with foundry name "trad" instead of "misc", with several glyphs replaced with earlier versions from before Markus Kuhn's changes:
 - balanced ` '
 - less tall [ ] ( ) { }
 - centred *
 - high ~
 - slightly higher &
 - traditional appearance of W a

These changes make the fonts compatible with the US-ASCII character set. (UTF-8 is not compatible with ASCII in its usage of the backquote and some other characters.) With these fonts, pre-2000 documents (including ASCII art and GNU manuals) will render correctly.

Optionally, this package will edit your system configuration to make the default fonts used by xterm refer to the traditional font.

(This package does not actually contain the bulk of the font data; rather, it automatically generates the required modified fonts for each relevant font you have installed.)

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