Collection of LV2, CLAP, VST3, LADSPA, LINUX-VST and JACK plugins


Plugins for high quality audio processing.

The purpose of these plugins is to provide high quality DSP without using an excessive amount of CPU.

There currently is no official documentation on how to use these plugins, but anyone who is familiar with outboard gear should be able to work it out.
 The default settings and almost every slider is calibrated to standard ranges.

Package contain these plugins:
 * ZamAutoSat
   Automatic saturator (mono)
 * ZaMaximX2
   Lightweight maximiser/limiter (stereo)
 * ZamComp
   Dynamic range compressor (mono)
 * ZamCompX2
   Dynamic range compressor (stereo)
 * ZamDelay
   Basic delay plugin (mono)
 * ZamEQ2
   Parametric equaliser (mono)
 * ZamGate
   Gate plugin (mono)
 * ZamGateX2
   Gate plugin (stereo)
 * ZamGEQ31
   31 band graphic equaliser (mono)
 * ZamHeadX2
   Acoustic HRTF stereo widener (stereo)
 * ZamTube
   Triode tube amp simulator (mono)
 * ZaMultiComp
   Multiband compressor (mono)
 * ZaMultiCompX2
   Multiband compressor (stereo)
 * ZamDynamicEQ
   Dynamic equaliser
 * ZamPhono
   A collection filters for restoring vinyl records.
 * ZamVerb
   Stereo reverb plugin
 * ZamGrains
   Looper and rhythm slicer

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