ZFS Snapshot Daemon written in python


Python daemon that manages ZFS snapshots and send/receive backup. Based on zfs-snap-manager.

  * Remote ZFS snapshoting/aging wnd replication back to central ZFS
    backup server. Only need to install zfs-utils, zsnapd-rcmd (for secure)
    remote ssh key login and sshd on client, and use root ssh key based
    log in.
  * Has connectivity test to skip scheduled actions when the remote site
    cannot be contacted. Actually quite useful for ZFS backing up laptops.
    Reachability failures are logged of course!
  * Uses Python3
  * Native systemd support.
  * Configuration is stored in configuration files with the ini file
    format. Configuration .d parts directories also present
  * Triggers the configured actions based on time or a '.trigger' file
    present in the dataset's mountpoint.
  * Can take snapshots (with a yyyymmddhhmm timestamp format).
  * Can replicate snapshots to/from other nodes.
  * Push based when the replication source has access to the replication
  * Pull based when the replication source has no access to the replication
    target. Typically when you don't want to give all nodes access to the
    backup/replication target.
  * Cleans all snapshots with the yyyymmddhh timestamp schmea format based
    on a GFS schema (Grandfather, Father, Son). Timestamp
    evaluation based on actual ZFS snapshot creation metadata.
  * Supports pre and post commands.

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