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Automatic manpage generator
Program to create simple man pages from the --help and --version output of other programs. . Since most GNU documentation is now in info format, this provides a way to generate a placeholder man page pointing to that resource while still providing some useful information.
Creates WAV files from audio CDs
icedax lets you digitally copy ("rip") audio tracks from a CD, avoiding the distortion that is introduced when recording via a sound card. Data can be dumped into raw (cdr), wav or sun format sound files. Options control the recording format (stereo/mono; 8/16 bits; sampling rate, etc). . Please install cdrkit-doc if you want most of the documentation and README files.
BiDirectional support for Icedove
An extension for Icedove (originally written for Thunderbird) that allows users to create emails with explicit paragraph directionality, as needed for proper recipient rendering of emails with bidi languages, such as Hebrew, Arabic, Farsi, Urdu or Yiddish. . The extension adds "BiDi" controls, setting the paragraph direction, as well as automatic direction sensing for unformatted text messages, and direction overrides.
ZeroC IceE Slice translators for C++ and Java
ZeroC Ice is a CORBA-like middleware solution. Slice is the IDL used in Ice. IceE is a subset of Ice used in embedded systems. This package installs all of the available translators for IceE.
Heimdal Kerberos - server programs
Heimdal is a free implementation of Kerberos 5 that aims to be compatible with MIT Kerberos. . This package includes servers such as telnetd and ftpd that have been compiled with Heimdal support.
keyboard lock keys applet for the GNOME2 panel
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