Five-question quiz using the basic exam question bank


practice test for the Canadian Amateur Radio exam

Canadian Ham Exam uses the official question bank from Industry Canada and allows aspiring hams to practice the section of their choice as they are learning the material for the exam.
terier - The Hallway


High performance realtime 3D engine

Brazilian Debian Pure Blend - splashy graphical boot theme


Brazilian Debian Pure Blend - splashy graphical boot theme

Ubuntu artwork for xsplash


Ubuntu artwork for xsplash

also showing kde-config-phonon-xine


advanced Phonon Xine configuration

creating a poster from the debian wallpaper and 15 pages with the complex layout


create posters and banners from multiple glued-together pages

This program is for situations when you want to create a large poster or banner but do not have a printer that supports large sheets of paper. Plakativ allows one to enlarge and split a PDF across multiple pages, creating another PDF with pages of the desired printable size. After printing, the pages can be glued together to form a larger poster. Features: