ACE scheduling and dispatching library

Kokyu is a library designed to provide flexible scheduling and dispatching services.


fonts for Ol Chiki/Ol Chemetʼ script

This package provides a font for Ol Chiki / Ol Chemetʼ script, which is the official writing system for Santali Language.


Ignition Robotics Transport Library - Shared library

Ignition transport library combines ZeroMQ with Protobufs to create a fast and efficient message passing system. Asynchronous message publication and subscription is provided along with service calls and discovery.


GNU Standard C++ Library v3 (development files) (s390x)

This package contains the headers and static library files necessary for building C++ programs which use libstdc++.


library for cryptographic attestation of patches

This module provides capabilities for cryptographic attestation of patches for projects that use a patch-based workflow over email.


GNU Standard C++ Library v3 (shared library subset kit) (armel)

This is used to develop subsets of the libstdc++ shared libraries for use on custom installation floppies and in embedded systems.