Differential transcript and gene expression with inferential replicates

Fishpond contains methods for differential transcript and gene expression analysis of RNA-seq data using inferential replicates for uncertainty of abundance quantification, as generated by Gibbs sampling or bootstrap sampling. Also the package contains utilities for working with Salmon and Alevin quantification files.


GNU Ada compiler

GNAT is a compiler for the Ada programming language. It produces optimized code on platforms supported by the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC).


Collapsible sections like in Magit

This package implements the main user interface of Magit — the collapsible sections that make up its buffers. This package used to be distributed as part of Magit but now it can also be used by other packages that have nothing to do with Magit or Git.


cross platform audio library

cubeb is a cross platform audio library most notable for its use as the audio backend within Gecko, Mozilla's browser engine. It supports multiple audio backends and allows enumeration of audio devices and opening audio streams with control over latency, sample rate and more.


GNU R mode estimation

Provides estimators of the mode of univariate data or univariate distributions.


collection of cache libraries using the same API (Python 3)

This package provides a uniform API over a number of different caching backends including: