gnuradio wavelet functions

Library of Daubechies wavelet function blocks. wvps computes the Wavelet Power Spectrum from a set of wavelet coefficients.


bridge between GooCanvas2 and Cairo types

GooCanvas2 is a canvas widget for use with GTK 3 that uses the Cairo library for drawing.


gnuradio vocoder functions

Library of vocoder blocks, including ulaw, alaw, gsm and codec2. Debian uses external libraries for gsm and codec2.


Symfony Microsoft Teams Notifier Bridge

The Symfony Microsoft Teams Notifier Bridge provides Microsoft Teams integration for Symfony Notifier.


gnuradio SoapySDR support

Soapy hardware drivers using the SoapySDR driver framework. Part of the main gnuradio build.


gnuradio Qt graphical user interface functions

QT-based graphical sinks for gnuradio applications. Implements opengl, raster and native plotting methods, and supports a QT Style Sheet (QSS) file to adjust the look. Part of the main gnuradio build.