Phobos D standard library (runtime library)

This is the Phobos standard library that comes with the D2 compiler.


Determine whether a shared library is available to be loaded by Raku

This module provides a mechanism that will determine whether a named shared library is available and can be used by NativeCall.


fast BPE tokeniser for use with OpenAI's models

A fast Byte pair encoding tokeniser for use with OpenAI's models.


Python 3 bindings for 64-bit SLEPc 3.18 libraries (complex numbers)

SLEPc is the Scalable Library for Eigenvalue Problem Computations.


GMP module for PHP

This package provides the GMP module(s) for PHP.


network-based cryptographic binding server - xinet version

Tang is a service for binding cryptographic keys to network presence. It offers a secure, stateless, anonymous alternative to key escrow services.