Audio/Visual utility library for GUPnP

An audio/visual utility library for GUPnP, providing DIDL parser/writer and search criteria parser objects.


GPU-accelerated video/image rendering primitives (shared library)

The library provides useful GPU-accelerated image processing primitives based on GLSL. It includes shader routines for decoding and transforming colors, tone mapping, dithering, and for various algorithms that sample from images, such as debanding and scaling.


Precondition checking utilities

Fibonacci and exponential backoffs for Node.js.


Blueprint color definitions

Blueprint is a React UI toolkit for the web.


heuristic pKa calculations with ligands (Python 3)

PROPKA predicts the pKa values of ionizable groups in proteins (version 3.0) and protein-ligand complexes (version 3.1 and later) based on the 3D structure.


simple file-based key-value store with String keys and values

This package provides the `sdbm` library for Ruby, a simple file-based key-value store with String keys and values. It used to be part of the Ruby standard library, but as of ruby 3.0 it's no longer provided.