gnuradio forward error correction support

Handle forward error correction processing in gnuradio. Implements the GNU Radio FEC API, supporting encoders and decoders for no-op dummmy, repetition, and convolutional classes. Part of the main gnuradio build.


IIO blocks for GnuRadio

Libiio is a library that has been conceived to ease the development of applications interfacing Industrial Input/Output (IIO) devices through the IIO subsystem of the Linux kernel.


gnuradio network library

Library of blocks that implement UDP and TCP source and sink blocks supporting both IPv4 and IPv6. Part of the main gnuradio build.


gnuradio streaming protocol library

Protocol Data Units library provides signal processing blocks that operate on Protocol Data Unit format messages. Many such blocks are analogs of streaming API functionality. Part of the main gnuradio build.


DCO (Data-Channel Offload) kernel module for OpenVPN)

This kernel module allows OpenVPN to offload any data plane management to the linux kernel, thus allowing it to exploit any Linux low level API, while avoiding expensive and slow payload transfer between kernel space and user space. You need a matching dco-enabled OpenVPN to use this, the feature is supposed to land in OpenVPN 2.6.


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