flake8 plugin that validates cognitive complexity

Cognitive complexity is an analog of cyclomatic complexity, it measures how difficult it is to understand a piece of code.


HTTP security headers for Flask

Talisman is a small Flask extension that handles setting HTTP headers that can help protect against a few common web application security issues.


C library for number theory, shared library

The Fast Library for Integer Number Theory is a C library which supports polynomial arithmetic over the integers, fast integer arithmetic and factoring (including a highly optimized quadratic sieve).


utility to find python versions on your system

This is a utility to find python versions on your system. It is a rewrite of pythonfinder project. It simplifies the whole code structure while preserving most of the original features.


gnuradio pmt container library

Polymorphic Types are opaque data types that are designed as generic containers of data that can be safely passed around between blocks and threads in GNU Radio. Part of the main gnuradio build.


gnuradio Qt graphical user interface functions

QT-based graphical sinks for gnuradio applications. Implements opengl, raster and native plotting methods, and supports a QT Style Sheet (QSS) file to adjust the look. Part of the main gnuradio build.