gnuradio trellis modulation functions

Library for trellis coding modulation, including the Viterbi Algorithm, Concatenated Coding and Turbo Decoding based upon finite state machine (FSM) class. Part of the main gnuradio build.


Phobos D standard library (runtime library)

This is the Phobos standard library that comes with the D2 compiler.


GNU Standard C++ Library v3 (shared library subset kit) (riscv64)

This is used to develop subsets of the libstdc++ shared libraries for use on custom installation floppies and in embedded systems.


GNU Go compiler

This is the GNU Go compiler, which compiles Go on platforms supported by the gcc compiler. It uses the gcc backend to generate optimized code.


format shell programs

shfmt is shell formatter, which supports POSIX Shell, Bash, and mksh.


RHVoice speech synthesizer - Tatar voice

RHVoice uses statistical parametric synthesis. It relies on existing open source speech technologies (mainly HTS and related software).