Copy an entire PostgreSQL database from source to target

This tool copies an entire PostgreSQL database from source to target. It implements `pg_dump | pg_restore` on steroids, including advanced concurrency tricks to make the operation faster.


Python 3 CMA-ES library

Lightweight Covariance Matrix Adaptation Evolution Strategy (CMA-ES) implementation based on arXiv:1604.00772.


Data file handling for small-angle scattering (Python 3)

The sasdata Python module provides utilities for importing and operating on reduced small angle scattering data. The module may be used in standalone code to build custom fitters, in conjunction with the sasmodels modules to analyse data from custom scripts, or as part of the sasview analysis package.


P2P de-centralized layer 3 VPN

OpenGNB is a de-centralized virtual private network (VPN) to set-up a layer 3 network via P2P with the capability of NAT traversal.


Plugin for pytest that offloads expected outputs to data files

Expected output for test functions is stored in a YAML file.


GNU R methods to enrich R Objects with extra components

Provides the "enrich" method to enrich list-like R objects with new, relevant components. The current version has methods for enriching objects of class 'family', 'link-glm', 'lm', 'glm' and 'betareg'. The resulting objects preserve their class, so all methods associated with them still apply. The package also provides the 'enriched_glm' function that has the same interface as 'glm' but results in objects of class 'enriched_glm'. In addition to the usual components in a `glm` object, 'enriched_glm' objects carry an object-specific simulate method and functions to compute the scores, the observed and expected information matrix, the first-order bias, as well as model densities, probabilities, and quantiles at arbitrary parameter values. The package can also be used to produce customizable source code templates for the structured implementation of methods to compute new components and enrich arbitrary objects.