Provides a trait to store an alternative JSON Name

This Raku module is a dependency of JSON::Marshal and JSON::Unmarshal in order to save duplication, it is intended to store a separate JSON name for an attribute where the name of the JSON attribute might be changed, either for aesthetic reasons or the name is not a valid Raku identifier. It will of course also be needed in classes that are going to use JSON::Marshal or JSON::Unmarshal for serialisation/de-serialisation.


Plasma applet to access passwords from "pass"

Plasma Pass is a Plasma applet to access password from pass, the standard UNIX password manager: https://www.passwordstore.org.


Cross-platform OpenPGP (RFC4880) tools (library)

RNP is a set of cross-platform tools implementing OpenPGP (RFC 4880) and related standards.


CSS minification with YUI compressor, but as native Ruby port

The CSSminify library provides CSS compression using YUI compressor. Instead of wrapping around the Java or Javascript version of YUI compressor it uses a native Ruby port of the CSS engine. Therefore this library has no dependencies.


Share your terminal over the web

ttyd is a command-line tool for sharing a terminal over the web.


zero-copy inter-process communication POSH Gateway library

Iceoryx is an inter-process communication (IPC) middleware for POSIX based operating systems. It features shared memory capabilities which allow a true zero-copy data transfer.