Native jupyter kernel for python (python library)

xeus-python uses the xeus library to provide a high-performance, native kernel for running python code in the jupyter notebook, or other frontends using the jupyter messaging protocol.


Bridge between Windows applications and Speech dispatcher

It is already possible to use SAPI in Wine, however, the default Microsoft voices are not particularly responsive or diverse in terms of supported languages, and installing others and configuring them can be challenging without sighted assistance.


Perl module that provides a hook system to mock Perl filecheck operations

Overload::FileCheck provides a way to mock one or more file checks. It is also possible to mock stat/lstat functions using "mock_all_from_stat" and let Overload::FileCheck mock for you for any other -X checks.


implementation of the top-k streaming algorithm

The Statistics::TopK module implements the top-k streaming algorithm, also know as the "heavy hitters" algorithm. It is designed to process data streams and probabilistally calculate the k most frequent items while using limited memory.


Python Zigbee stack

Zigpy is a hardware independent Zigbee protocol stack integration project to implement Zigbee standard specifications as a Python 3 library.


TCP/UDP benchmarking and measurement tool

tcpbench is a small tool that performs throughput benchmarking and concurrent sampling of kernel network variables.