simple tool to watch logfile throughput

Display logfile line throughput. Useful for live comparisson of server access. E.g. cached vs uncached web access.


Libraries for the C Binding of SFML - Window Part

SFML is a modern multimedia library offering a wide range of subsystems useful to produce a multimedia app. It offers OpenGL integration for Hardware accelerated Graphics, Windowing and Input support, Audio and Network facilities and supports GNU/Linux, MS Windows and Mac OS X. CSFML provides the bindings needed to use SFML with the C programming language.


Additional test assertions for Ruby standard libraries

This ruby library provides additional test assertions on top of test/unit.


EFL optimized data types

The Eina library is a library which implements an API for data types in an efficient way. It also provides some useful tools like opening shared libraries, error management, type conversion, time accounting and memory pools.


Provides an object-oriented API to sanitize untrusted HTML input for safe

insertion into a document's DOM The Symfony HTML Sanitizer component aims at sanitizing/cleaning untrusted HTML code (e.g. created by a WYSIWYG editor in the browser) into HTML that can be trusted. It is based on the HTML Sanitizer W3C Standard Proposal.


library for manipulating CIFTI files

CIFTI (Connectivity Informatics Technology Initiative) standardizes the file formats for storage of connectivity data. These formats are developed by the Human Connectome Project and other interested parties.