Swedish man pages

This package contains manual pages translated into Swedish, originating from a large number of projects which do not ship translated man pages themselves, including the traditional Linux manpages. The exact projects and man pages might change from release to release, so please look at the actually shipped files for the current set.


add programmable bash completion to Emacs shell-mode

bash-completion.el defines dynamic completion hooks for shell-mode and shell-command prompts that is based on bash completion.


extensible emacs startup screen showing you what's most important

Features 1. Displays an Emacs banner 2. Recent files 3. Bookmarks list 4. Recent projects list (Depends on `projectile` or `project.el` package) 5. Org mode agenda 6. Register list


Emacs Desktop Notification Center

The Emacs Desktop Notification Center (EDNC) is an Emacs package written in pure Lisp that implements a Desktop Notifications service according to the specification. EDNC aspires to be a small, but flexible drop-in replacement of standalone notification daemons.


OpenStack Integration Test Suite - Glance plugin

Tempest is a set of integration tests to be run against a live Openstack cluster in order to make sure that all components are working as expected. Tempest will start and stop virtual machine in order to check that your cloud is working as expected.


Runtime library for GNU Fortran applications (development files)

This package contains the headers and static library files needed to build GNU Fortran applications.