Microbenchmark support library, shared library

Library to support the benchmarking of functions, similar to unit-tests.


Prefix Range module for PostgreSQL

This PostgreSQL module provides the prefix_range datatype, allowing to index searches such as finding the longest prefix matching a telephone number, having prefixes in a table and telephone number as a parameter:


Xarray Sentinel1 Python SAFE files reader

safe_s1 rely on xarray.open_rasterio and rasterio to read digital_number from SAFE product to return an xarray-datatree.


Parsing and evaluating typst syntax.; profiling libraries

A library for parsing and evaluating typst syntax. Typst (<>) is a document layout and formatting language. This library targets typst 0.4 and currently offers only partial support.


Isocline-based Lua REPL; profiling libraries

An embeddable Lua REPL built with Isocline and HsLua.


Spherical Harmonics Transforms library - utilities

ecTrans is the global spherical Harmonics transforms library, extracted from the IFS weather model from ECMWF. It uses a hybrid of MPI and OpenMP parallelisation strategies. The package contains both single- and double precision Fortran libraries (trans_sp, trans_dp), as well as a C interface to the double-precision version (transi_dp). ECMWF is the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts.