Completion Overlay Region FUnction in Emacs

Corfu enhances completion at point with a small completion popup. The current candidates are shown in a popup below or above the point. Corfu is the minimalistic completion-in-region counterpart of the Vertico minibuffer UI.


Speech synthesizer - test tools

RHVoice uses statistical parametric synthesis. It relies on existing open source speech technologies (mainly HTS and related software).


Clean vintage drafting, avionics, routed signage, and keyboard legend font

A clean implementation of a common lettering style found on technical drawings, engraved office signs, computer and typewriter keyboards, and some comic books and avionics from the mid-20th century.


Mathematical Components library for Coq (finite groups)

The Mathematical Components Library is an extensive and coherent repository of formalized mathematical theories. It is based on the Coq proof assistant, powered with the Coq/SSReflect language.


cluster API driver for Magnum

Magnum is an OpenStack project which offers container orchestration engines for deploying and managing containers as first class resources in OpenStack.


tool for managing installations of the Lean theorem prover

elan is a small tool for managing your installations of the Lean theorem prover. It places lean and leanpkg binaries in your PATH that automatically select and, if necessary, download the Lean version described in the lean_version field of your project's leanpkg.toml. You can also install, select, run, and uninstall Lean versions manually using the commands of the elan executable.